December 9, 2021 8.00 pm This story is over 30 months old

Devilishly good news for Lincolnshire coffee lovers

The Lincoln Imp finds its way on Stokes’ new Impresso pods

Stokes of Lincoln has been roasting award-winning coffee since 1902, and now the company has taken its first step into the Nespresso compatible coffee capsule market, providing coffee lovers with devilishly good espresso to enjoy in the comfort of their own home or office.

The new Impresso coffee capsules launched this week and are presented in a beautifully designed box which features the beloved Lincoln imp, a cheeky character of local legend that lives in the city’s cathedral. 

Designed with sustainability in mind, each Impresso capsule is packed full of the familiar taste of Stokes intense and smooth espresso blend.

The capsules are made from aluminium which not only keeps the coffee fresh and in perfect condition it is also infinitely recyclable too.

Nick Peel is the fourth generation in the family to run Stokes Tea & Coffee.

He said: “Customers with Nespresso-style machines have been asking us to create coffee capsules so they can enjoy Stokes coffee at home or in the office.

“Our new Impresso capsules are a quick and easy way to experience our espresso blend without compromising on the consistency, taste and sustainability which customers expect from a cup of Stokes coffee.”

“The unique imp design on the box was created by a local artist and celebrates the heritage of both Lincoln and Stokes which has been based in the city for over 120 years.”  

Nick Peel MD at Stokes Tea & Coffee

With 250 million capsules sold in the UK every year, and millennial coffee drinkers leading the Nespresso movement, Stokes’ entrance into the market is a welcome move and means more customers will now be able to enjoy the company’s iconic espresso blend. 

There are more products in the pipeline and customers have already requested additional blends to be added to the Impresso family of capsules.

The new Impresso coffee capsules are £3.70 for a pack of 10 and are now available in store and on the Stokes website.

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