December 9, 2021 12.43 pm

Motorists, we are watching – and the results show it

Targeting drivers and riders committing vehicle crime and vehicle ASB in Grantham town centre

People flouting traffic laws, driving irresponsibly, and littering from their vehicles have been targeted in an operation aimed at reducing vehicle crime and antisocial behaviour in Grantham town centre.

Operation Indal was a night of proactive action by Grantham officers in partnership with the CCTV and ASB teams at South Kesteven District Council (SKDC) last week, and was developed to respond to issues reported in the town centre which included speeding, racing and excessive vehicle noise.

The operation saw one vehicle seized under SOCAP for having no valid insurance policy, a further two motorists reported for speeding, two more reported for having no MOT, and a further driver reported for driving without due care and attention.

Officers also used the vehicle defect reification scheme (VDRS) to deal with an incident of a front light being out, one driver with a none-compliant exhaust, and a further motorist with a noisy exhaust. The VDRS is a scheme used for minor offences and provides an opportunity to motorists to avoid prosecution by getting defects fixed and examined.

A motorcyclist was issued with a Horti, which requires the rider to produce a certificate to confirm they have passed the initial motorcycle riding course (CBT), and another was reported for not having a valid licence.

Words of advice and education were issued on 13 separate occasions, including: eight people around vehicle modifications; one person for having a cracked windscreen; one person for having a noisy exhaust; and a further three people for their manner of driving.

The operation was developed by PC Emma Faulks. She said: “Vehicle crime and anti-social behaviour has a significant impact on people living and working nearby, and we are always thinking of ways we can challenge and target this behaviour to meet the needs of community.

“As well as dealing with the offenders, we have gathered intelligence which will help us to police these issues in the future, and hopefully provided some peace of mind to those who have been affected by this behaviour. We’re there to protect our communities, and we will continue to monitor the situation in the town centre.”

SKDC’s Neighbourhoods team supported the operation which also resulted in three people being issued £150 fines for littering, directly related to vehicle ASB.

SKDC Cabinet Member for People and Safer Communities, Councillor Annie Mason, said: “This operation was a successful, productive and worthwhile joint exercise.

“It is a good example of our close partnership with the police and of how well we work together to combat these types of issues – and it meets our stated ambition in the Corporate Plan to work effectively with our partners for the benefit of the local community.

“Our CCTV team monitors all of our town centres 24/7 and will continue to support the police with their work to reduce all forms of antisocial behaviour.”

If you have information about a crime, you can report it to us on 101, or by using Crimestoppers anonymously through 0800 555 111. If it’s an emergency, always call 999.

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