December 7, 2021 5.00 pm This story is over 30 months old

Paranormal Lincoln? ‘Ghost’ spotted on Bailgate

Could it be the ghost of Lincoln Cathedral?

By Local Democracy Reporter

Although Halloween season passed a while ago, somebody in Lincoln believes they have spotted a ghost in the city!

Timmy Baxter sent us two pictures he took during a walk uphill in Lincoln at around 9pm on Monday, December 6, where he believes he saw a ghost.

He told us it is the first time he’s seen a ghost on this route, but what do you think?

Can you see it? | Photo: Timmy Baxter

Could it be a spooky coincidence or something more sinister?

Maybe if you squint really hard you can see something…

Do you think it could be a ghost? | Photo: Timmy Baxter

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