December 30, 2021 12.23 pm

Police warning as boy, 5, hospitalised after being struck by e-scooter

It happened in a pedestrian area

A five-year-old boy struck by an e-scooter in a pedestrian area had to be hospitalised with injuries to his face and legs.

The incident happened in Victoria Street, Grimsby on Monday, December 27, with the scooter reportedly being ridden by a man at the time.

Thankfully the boy is now recovering at home but he sustained injuries to his face and legs and needed hospital treatment.

The Humberside Police Safer Roads Humber team is now reminding people of the law surrounding the use of e-scooters: “Whilst you can legally buy an e-scooter, it is against the law to ride your own scooter on the road, cycle lane or pavement.

“If stopped by the police, they could seize the e-scooter and you could get a fine and points on your driving licence.”

Police say the young boy in Grimsby was badly shaken and injured and they want to prevent anyone else suffering from similar injuries or worse.

“Parents, if you have bought an e-scooter for your child at Christmas please make sure they remain within the law.

“Be aware that privately owned scooters are restricted for use solely on private land with the permission of the land owner.

“It is illegal to use a privately owned e-scooter on pavements, cycle paths or roads.”

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