February 3, 2022 4.06 pm This story is over 28 months old

Boston murder accused ‘picked up knife to scare boyfriend after he attacked her’

The trial continues

A Boston woman who denies murdering her partner told a jury she picked up a knife to scare him after he attacked her.

Charlie Stevenson, 21, denies murdering Christopher Higgs, also 21, at her home in Portland Street, Boston.

The prosecution allege Mr Higgs died from a single stab wound to the heart which was deliberately inflicted by Ms Stevenson on July 14 last year.

But giving evidence at Lincoln Crown Court, Ms Stevenson told a jury Mr Higgs pulled the knife towards himself after strangling her.

The jury heard Ms Stevenson had been in a long term “on-off” relationship with Mr Higgs and they had a baby in June 2020.

At the time of his death Mr Higgs was under bail conditions to live with his brother in Spalding after police were called to an incident at Portland Street on May 30.

But Ms Stevenson said by July 10 she had allowed Mr Higgs to stay at Portland Street until he got some accommodation.

On July 14, Ms Stevenson said she took a FaceTime call from Mr Higgs brother, also called Charlie, while Chris was still in bed.

Ms Stevenson said she prepared her son’s porridge and his lunch in the kitchen while still on the FaceTime call and left the knife on a chopping board.

Mr Higgs came downstairs and went to the toilet where he was tapping on his phone, Ms Stevenson said.

Ms Stevenson said Mr Higgs’s brother asked what was up with him, and she replied: “He’s got no weed.”

Mr Higgs overheard and said: “No,you’ve been on at me all day.”

Ms Stevenson said she asked Mr Higgs to get their son’s food but he didn’t do it.

She then asked for Mr Higgs’ brother to come and get him, telling the jury: “I knew what kind of day it was going to be. I hated it when he had no weed.

“He started to get more angry and he put the phone down on Charlie.

“He started to bend down and put his forehead on my forehead.

“I was trying to push him off.

“He just lost control and started attacking me, punching me in the head, and started strangling me.

“I tried to grab his balls and he let go, but then he grabbed my parts.”

Police investigating the alleged murder at the property on Portland Street, Boston. | Photo: David Dawson

Ms Stevenson said her dog jumped up and they were still moving near the fridge with Christopher still holding her in a headlock.

“He was getting tighter so I picked up the knife because I was scared and wanted him to get off me.”

Asked what she intended to do with the knife Ms Stevenson said: “Scare him away.”

“He carried on and got tighter around my neck.”

Ms Stevenson said she was holding the knife in her right hand.

“I couldn’t see or breathe,” Ms Stevenson added.

“Chris bent down squeezing me, but I pulled away with the knife.

“He got his hand on my hand with the knife, I pulled it away, he pulled the knife towards him, then something bad happened.”

Ms Stevenson, of Portland Street, Boston, denies murder on July 14.

The trial continues.