February 15, 2022 1.54 pm This story is over 21 months old

East Marsh councillor resigns seat on North East Lincolnshire Council

Pledge to stay at heart of community after stepping down

A former councillor says she is determined to keep working for the East Marsh after stepping down from her role.

Kay Rudd has served on North East Lincolnshire Council as a Liberal Democrat since 2016.

The 74-year-old former shop steward has made the decision to resign due to family illness, but intends to keep helping the community however she can.

“Being a councillor is a complex, time-consuming job if you take it seriously, as I always have done,” Kay said.

“You have to be committed to the residents, as you owe it to the people who voted for you. You have to repay them.

“I have tried not to get mixed up in politics, and do my best for them.

“I want to keep working within the community, whether it’s with East Marsh United, the church or anyone else, on a more flexible basis. I will keep speaking up for them.

“I was born on Railway Street and have lived in the East Marsh for most of my life. Even when my family were travelling around, it was our base and where our hearts were.”

Her advice for her successor is to remain above the fray of politics, and focus on Grimsby issues.

Kay said she was particularly proud of the work she has done for children and vulnerable people.

“I worked in social services for quite a number of years before I was a councillor, offering palliative care amongst other things,” she said.

“My experience on the Children and Lifelong Learning Scrutiny Panel showed me that children always seem to get a raw deal.

“I am proud of how I always tried to work with anyone who could help the situation for East Marsh residents. I always took every opportunity to visit residential homes and hospitals.”

She will continue to focus on community projects such as cleaning up parks and funding local initiatives.

The vacant seat is likely to be filled in the Local Elections in May.