February 22, 2022 4.00 pm This story is over 21 months old

Happy ending for hamsters abandoned on A18 near Grimsby

Not the first case of abandoned hamsters this year

Three Syrian hamsters have been rescued after they were abandoned at a busy road junction in Keelby near Grimsby.

A resident found the nocturnal trio and two of the hamsters, who had been placed in the same cage, were in a distressed state by the time RSPCA animal rescue officer Leanne Honess-Heather arrived.

Thankfully they came through unscathed and their next stop was the RSCPA’s Doncaster and Rotherham branch, where staff christened them Bakewell, Battenburg and Madeira.

The busy junction where the hamsters were found near bins in Keelby village, near Grimsby | Photo: RSPCA

Leanne said: “It was an odd place really to find hamsters, next to a busy A-road junction. The two cages were on the ground by a litter bin and a dog poop bin.

“The man who found them lived about five minutes away and he took them home and split them up as they weren’t getting on with each other.

“Syrian hamsters are supposed to be kept alone in their own cages.

“He put one of them in a cardboard box.”

This isn’t the first circumstance of abandoned hamsters that Leanne has been called out to deal with this year. Recently, she picked up two unwanted Dwarf hamsters from a property because the householders were moving out. They were taken to the same RSPCA branch in Bawtry.

Luckily the centre has found all five animals new homes.

One of the hamsters safe and sound after the ordeal of being caged up and abandoned | Photo: RSPCA

Leanne says a thorough understanding of hamsters’ is essential before owning them.

“We do get spates of abandonments like this one,” she said.

“Sometimes people just don’t do their research. In this case animals who shouldn’t be living together were put in the same cage.

“People think there isn’t much involved looking after hamsters. But, for example, you still need to have them cared for if you go on holiday.

“They are nocturnal, they’re not ideal first pets and people really need to make sure they can meet all their needs.

“They need to have an interest in hamsters as well as having the commitment of time.”