February 25, 2022 2.47 pm

Hermes driver’s car rolls towards customer’s house in viral TikTok video

The video has been viewed by over 13k people

Doorbell camera footage has now gone viral after capturing the moment a Hermes delivery driver had to dash back to his car as it started to roll towards the customer’s house in North Lincolnshire.

Jim Gray knocked on the customer’s front door on February 17, but while waiting for them to answer, his blue Hyundai begins rolling towards the house.

The video shows how he dashes straight towards the car and wedges himself in between the house and the vehicle to prevent any damage being done.


Jim then managed to push the car back up the driveway before running around to the driver’s door, briefly getting inside, and pulling the handbrake.

Jim’s partner Lindsey Jopling posted the video on TikTok, which has seen been viewed more than 13,000 times.

She captioned the video by saying: “Ladies and gentlemen I would like to introduce my partner 😂 caught on his customer’s ring doorbell watch till end #deliverydriver #deliveryproblems”

Jim told the Daily Mail: “I put my handbrake on but didn’t click it all the way up obviously. Not sure if I saw it out of the corner of my eye or in the reflection of the door but I ran straight away and luckily managed to slow it down just in time.

“I actually wedged one of my legs between the car and the wall just as it came to a stop. I luckily escaped with just a scratch.

“I just felt lucky to have gotten away with it and avoided the bill from any damage it would have caused to my car and the house.”