February 8, 2022 4.23 pm

HGV havoc in Lincolnshire village continues to frustrate residents

The local council says it has a “constructive solution”

Hundreds of lorries pass through a rural Lincolnshire village on a daily basis and local residents believe it is putting their lives at risk.

The situation in the village of Ulceby in North Lincolnshire is getting worse, according to resident Stuart Smith.

Stuart bought a device to measure traffic flow in the village and to help him collect more evidence about the problem. It has shown an average of 400 HGV movements every single day through the Main Street of Ulceby, and that’s just during daylight hours.

Stuart, who is a member of the Ulceby Road Safety Group, told BBC Look North: “It’s got a lot worse and people’s lives, especially the kids’, are being put at risk.”

People first aired their concerns back in July 2020, and made videos showing what happens when lorries meet on the ‘S’ bend into the village.

However, North Lincolnshire Council believes it has a solution to the problem which it will announce in the near future.

In a statement to BBC Look North, the council said: “Economic development and growth across all our wonderful towns and villages in North Lincolnshire is hugely positive and ensures people have access to better jobs and more opportunities.

“Sometimes this development has an unintended impact upon settlements which have, in some cases, been around for hundreds of years. A balance must be struck so development is sympathetic to local communities.

“In the case of Ulceby we have a constructive solution we can announce soon which should improve the situation.”