February 15, 2022 10.42 am This story is over 20 months old

Lincolnshire Chief Constable defends rainbow HQ lights to critics

He said the decision “wasn’t a costly one”

Lincolnshire Police’s Chief Constable Chris Haward has defended the force’s decision to light up the HQ building in Nettleham in rainbow lights, which he said “wasn’t a costly one”, amid criticism from some who said it was a ‘waste of taxpayers money’.

February marks LGBT+ History Month and as part of Lincolnshire Police’s commitment to celebrating equality, diversity and inclusion, they announced a change to the usual white lighting to cast the rainbow flag across the HQ building this month.

Although many complimented the force for the idea, the announcement was met with backlash from others on Twitter and Facebook, including Kay Matthews who said: “Glad to see you have so much extra money to use on lights. It’s great to see you aren’t wasting this money on actual police work. Woke gone mad.”

Joe McAndrew said: “Lincolnshire Police’s job is to police and not to offer opinion on anything but the implementation of the law.

“To think that someone within Lincolnshire Police, an organisation funded by tax payers, is wasting tax payers money to indulge in the never ending nonsense at a time of cut backs is staggering.

“Even LGBT (or whatever they call themselves) don’t give a t**s about your light show gimmick. In short, turn them off, stop tweeting c**p and do what we pay you to do!”

RE Parks said: “For an hour, a night, a week or the month? Do you know we are all struggling to pay our energy bills and that we pay our energy bills too? Not a good example for us to reduce energy consumption?”

In response to the criticism, Chief Constable Chris Haward issued a statement which he believes should “hopefully answer some of your questions and concerns”.

The Chief Constable said: “Firstly, our decision to light up Police HQ wasn’t a costly one and was simply a change to the usual white lighting to cast the rainbow flag across the building this month.

“It didn’t mean a reduction of service anywhere else, and it certainly didn’t mean that we dedicated frontline officers to the task so other incidents (crimes) weren’t dealt with.

“What it did mean, I hope, is that our LGBT+ communities and staff in Lincolnshire will see and understand our dedication to them and how we want to listen, help, understand, and support.”

Lincolnshire Police’s Chief Constable Chris Haward issued a statement on the matter.

Part 2 of Chief Constable Chris Haward’s statement.

Support for the move came from people across Lincolnshire. Lindsey Hart said: “So I’m assuming that the couple of people that have either 🤣 or 😡 have no respect to who people are.

“What’s it matter, love is love. And just for the record. I am straight. But my 16 year old daughter is Bisexual. And I wouldn’t want her to chance. She happy now, better now she came out . WE SUPPORT YOU”

Kev Davidson said simply: “Looks great. Well done. Ignore the bigots.”