February 11, 2022 12.03 pm

The Lincolnite 30 Under 30 winner returning to beauty pageantry as Miss Lincoln GB

Jasmine has struggled with anxiety in the past, but becoming a mother boosted her confidence

A beauty pageant contestant who has already earned national recognition is on a mission to make her young daughter proud as she represents Lincoln in this year’s Miss Great Britain competition.

Jasmine Foley, 28, is a former Mrs Lincolnshire Galaxy with a passion for pageantry, but it is something she had to put on the back burner for a couple of years due to having a daughter.

She grew up in Lincoln and graduated with a first-class degree in advertising and marketing at the University of Lincoln. She also comes with a proven pedigree in national beauty pageants.

In 2018, Jasmine won the title of Mrs Lincolnshire Galaxy and competed against women from all over the country in the national grand final of Mrs Galaxy UK.

Jasmine was part of The Lincolnite‘s 30 Under 30 in 2019, recognising people under the age of 30 doing amazing things in Lincolnshire. Jasmine’s work around mental health awareness and her achievements as a former Mrs Galaxy Ireland earned her a spot on the list.

Working as a digital marketer for more than five years now, Jasmine has relished her role of creativity and teaching people to achieve their goals, but is now on a personal mission to prove an important message for her young daughter.

Her daughter Mila is eight months old and Jasmine has said she wants to challenge societal perceptions of motherhood and pageantry to prove that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

She will be representing Lincoln in the 2022 Miss Great Britain competition this October, after being named as Miss Lincoln GB this week.

Jasmine said: “I’m so proud and honoured to be your Miss Lincoln GB and have the opportunity to compete as a Miss. I started my journey in pageantry when I was 26 and married, and wasn’t sure this opportunity would come.

“When we decided to have my daughter, Mila, I didn’t know if I’d do another pageant. I think there’s a perception in society that you are changed when you become a mum.

“In my experience, I feel stronger, wiser and more confident in who I am and what I can offer. It’s going to be a bit of work to prepare for the final, but I’m not scared of a challenge! I want to show Mila that you can achieve anything in life if you give it your all.”

Jasmine is Lincoln’s representative for Miss Great Britain this year. | Photo: Charlotte Clemie Photography

Jasmine also discussed her well documented battles with anxiety during her early twenties, and how they helped to mould her positive outlook on life in recent years.

She added: “Since I struggled with anxiety in my early twenties, and learnt how important it is to work on your mindset and personal development, I have been a positive mental health advocate. Most recently, I worked as the digital project lead on a mental health project for university students.”

Jasmine has been sponsored by Elysian Psychology on this journey, and has promised a special project in line with the beauty competition, which will be announced on her Instagram page in the coming weeks.

Best of luck to Jasmine this October! | Photo: Charlotte Clemie Photography