February 23, 2022 11.42 am

Viral plane live-streamer Big Jet TV films at RAF Coningsby

The voice of Storm Eunice has been filming in Lincolnshire

The live-streaming phenomenon Big Jet TV, which rose to prominence during its coverage of Heathrow plane landings during Storm Eunice, has been broadcasting live from RAF Coningsby on Wednesday.

Big Jet TV is an online outlet that livestreams aircraft movements across the UK, and the channel went viral during its broadcasting from Heathrow Airport at the height of Storm Eunice.

The host Jerry Dyer stands on the perimeter of airports and runways with a camera, commentating enthusiastically on the takeoffs and landings of multiple different aircraft.

He has over 290,000 subscribers on YouTube at the time of reporting, clocking over 36 million views on the video platform as he broadcasts live domestic, international and military air shows of planes arriving and departing from a variety of locations.

On Wednesday, he went live from RAF Coningsby to capture actions of RAF Typhoons from the Lincolnshire base, and a core viewership of over 5,000 stayed throughout the stream.

The video included plenty of his now instantly recognisable excited reactions to seeing the aircraft fly over him, while also offering useful facts and information about the plane itself.

Jerry was heard cheering and shouting “yeah!” regularly as the typhoons flew past and landed on the runway, while also amusingly saying “go on that man” before declaring one pilot “the wheelie king” as they landed on the back two wheels of the aircraft.

You can keep up to date with Jerry’s videos by subscribing to his Big Jet TV YouTube channel, where he regularly streams live from all over the country.