March 26, 2022 8.00 am

Lincoln podcaster who manifests dreams to reality is “living proof” of Law of Attraction

Francesca appeared on The Lincolnite Podcast this week

A best-selling author in Lincoln who runs the biggest self-improvement podcast in the country has discussed her Law of Attraction mentality, which she claims allows her to manifest thoughts into reality.

Francesca Amber is the brains behind Law of Attraction Saved My Life, a self-improvement podcast that is the biggest of its kind in the UK, and it is all about how Francesca has managed to manifest her goals into her real life through the power of positive thinking.

She is a single parent with three daughters living in Lincoln, and thanks to the success of her podcast, book clubs and Facebook groups, she says she is in control of her own destiny, able to live her life how she chooses without the constraints of work pressures.

Featuring on this week’s edition of The Lincolnite Podcast, Francesca Amber spoke about the dedication to her craft and the strength of her beliefs, to the point of manifesting herself a husband by printing off his photograph and putting it on a vision board before even meeting him.

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Francesca describes the Law of Attraction as “a belief that your thoughts create your reality”, and she said: “A lot of people can go through life feeling like a victim of their circumstances, but actually by simply changing your thoughts you can be the architect of your own life and you can create whatever you want.”

On the surface it feels hard to argue with Francesca considering the successes she has found since adopting the Law of Attraction. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic she lost her salon in London and was left with no income whatsoever, but a ‘money mindset’ course she organised then resulted in her earning £50,000 in one week.

“How is that possible? How else do you explain it?” Francesca asks. “I’m the living proof and people who listen to the podcast can see it working. It’s all about making a decision about what you want to manifest.”

When asked if she felt there was a limit to the Law of Attraction, Francesca’s answer was a simple “no”, followed by: “I mean Barack Hussein Obama became President of the United States, someone with that name, are you kidding me?

“Evian make millions of pounds each year selling water that we get for free in the tap. There’s no limit, you can do what you like!”

You can listen to more of our interview with Francesca Amber on this week’s episode of The Lincolnite Podcast, available on all major streaming services with new episodes each Friday.

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