March 9, 2022 9.00 am

Lincoln students’ pop-up art takes over the city

Art to bring the shops and streets to life

Pop-up art installations from the University of Lincoln will take over the city in the run up to Discover Lincolnshire Weekend, in the first event of its kind without restrictions in two years.

Until March 31 exhibitions curated by the Lincoln School of Design at the University will bring the shops and streets to life and will be free to explore by members of the public, with a few surprises thrown in for good measure!

Lincoln will be adorned with paintings, interactive chalk drawings, life-size sculptures, and hands-on activities for everyone to enjoy and get immersed in. Students will also be taking part in live drawing sessions.

Professor Anne Chick, Head of School, Lincoln School of Design, said: “By taking over the city, we hope to deliver experiences that create lasting memories for everyone who visits Lincoln and explores the designs.

“We’re so proud of the students and hope everyone enjoys their work. The exhibition is accessible to all and purposefully interactive, fun, engaging and visually exciting to help everyone feel connected to the designs and Lincoln.”

Just some of what is in store for the streets and shop fronts of Lincoln from March 5 – 31! | Acoustic Nations

Charlotte Goy, Chief Executive at Visit Lincoln, added: “Arts and culture play a key role in the visitor economy, and we’ve seen first-hand examples of this with the Lincoln Knights Trail and the Imp Trail, both of which used arts to engage and attract residents and visitors.

“I’m excited to see the talent of the Lincoln School of Design coming into the city. It is a great example of collaboration between businesses, students, ourselves and other stakeholders.

“I am most looking forward to seeing people once again exploring the city, and hopefully they will be inspired to venture further afield into the county too over Discover Lincolnshire Weekend.”

Lee Roberts, Operations Director at Lincoln Business Improvement Group said: “Seeing an injection of colour across the city this March will be brilliant.

“The installations will create a warm welcome back to those visiting and living in Lincoln and encourage everyone to explore the city’s amazing shops, restaurants, cafes and services.

“We’re delighted to collaborate with the University of Lincoln for the project and see students showcase their work to new audiences.”

The Discover Lincolnshire Weekend takes place from Saturday March 26 to Sunday 27.

Chalk-drawing is an unexpected pleasure for two ladies in town! | Photo: Acoustic Nations

Living art: morph sculptures in the city | Photo: Acoustic Nations

Young lady taking part in the chalk drawing in the Cornhill area | Photo: Acoustic Nations

The pop up art has started! Have a look around! | Photo: Acoustic Nations

All kinds of interactive art will get your creative side going | Photo: Acoustic Nations