March 26, 2022 6.00 am

SAS veteran and writer Andy McNab shares military knowledge with Lincoln students

He attended a guest lecture at the university

Best-selling author and ex-special forces solider Andy McNab has hosted a guest lecture at the University of Lincoln, sharing his expertise on counterterrorism.

The famous novelist served in the military for 18 years before launching a successful literary career, in which he took on the pseudonym of Andy McNab during the writing of his breakout book, Bravo Two Zero, in 1993.

McNab does not allow photographs of his face for safety and security reasons, given his previous career as a member of the famous Bravo Two Zero patrol whilst part of the Special Air Service.

During a guest lecture at the University of Lincoln, the writer shared his experiences of counterterrorism to help students better understand the realities of the field, which are often heavily dramatised in film and television portrayals.

Andy claims fiction portrays many of the elements well, but can often oversimplify reality. He shared stories of his own experiences while operating undercover for antiterror operations in Northern Ireland and the Middle East.

Andy McNab giving his lecture to the students in Lincoln. | Photo: University of Lincoln

Speaking about being given the opportunity to speak to the students, Andy said: “I’ve no doubt that some of the students in attendance will go on to have careers in and around policy making – including policy around counterterror.

“I hope that sharing my first-hand experience of the realities of that world will be a benefit to them, both now and in the careers they have ahead of them. It was a great to talk to the students, and I look forward to working with the university again in the future.”

Dr Joshua Skoczylis, senior lecturer in criminology and counter terrorism studies at the university, added: “We were delighted to welcome Andy to the university.

“His wealth of lived experience in the world of counterterrorism provided our criminology, politics, and international relations students with invaluable insight that will be so beneficial to their studies. I’d like to thank Andy for taking the time to share his expertise with us.”