March 28, 2022 4.12 pm

Stamford man jailed after knocking two women unconscious in brutal assault

He called police to say he was being chased, but hung up when asked for details

A man from Stamford has been handed a two-year jail sentence after assaulting two women and leaving them unconscious in Peterborough city centre.

Elliot Hadman, 27, assaulted the two women in their early 20s when they were out socialising in Peterborough on July 9 last year.

While in the College Arms, a local pub, one of the girls spoke with an acquaintance who was sat with Hadman, when they became involved in an argument with the 27-year-old.

Hadman said: “I don’t like you or your family”, before telling her to go away, which she did. But the two friends then encountered him again at about 12.20am in Broadway, where the assault took place.

He assaulted them both and rendered them unconscious, all of which was captured on CCTV. After witnesses chased Hadman, ambulances were called to take the women to hospital.

One of the women was treated for cuts, bruising and swelling to her face and head, while the other suffered a fractured skull, a perforated eardrum and bruising.

Police received a call from a man saying he needed them in Park Road around 15 minutes after the assault, as he was being chased, but when asked to provide details he hung up the phone.

Investigations then identified the number as being registered to Elliot Hadman and the location of the call was in the general area of the incident.

He was later arrested at his home in Casterton Road, Stamford on August 14 and eventually charged with assault causing grievous bodily harm without intent and assault causing actual bodily harm – both of which he admitted to in court.

On Monday, March 28, Hadman appeared at Peterborough Crown Court where he was sentenced to two years behind bars.

Cambridgeshire Police Detective Constable Igor Simonov, who investigated, said: “This was a shocking incident where two young women were assaulted on a night out.

“I am thankful to those who came to the aid of the victims that night and called for an ambulance, we have seen how one punch can cause tragedy in our communities, stemming from alcohol-fuelled anger which can have lasting impacts on so many people’s lives.

“Thankfully the women have not been severely injured however I have no doubt they were shaken up by what happened to them.”