April 10, 2022 7.00 am This story is over 25 months old

How much top council bosses are paid in North Lincolnshire

Over £190k a year for one manager

The top paid employee of North Lincolnshire Council gets compensation of more than £190,000 a year.

The Taxpayers Alliance has published the figures in its 2022 Town Hall Rich List into the most well-paid council bosses in the country. A total of seven public officials in North Lincolnshire are earning more than £100,000 including salary, pension and other compensation.

The chief executive is the top-earning public official in North Lincolnshire, with a salary of £157,000 plus other benefits. Other department directors receive between £96,000 and £147,000 a year, along with pension and salary supplements.

The council claims it is seen as one of the ‘top performing in the country’, and has delivered on promises for residents. It also says it has reduced management costs substantially over the past 10 years.

The report shows North Lincolnshire has slightly less than the average number of top-paid employees. It is also a unitary authority, whereas many areas have both a county and district council.

A spokesperson for North Lincolnshire Council said: “The council is recognised among the top performing in the country – particularly when supporting our residents. Across the past 10 years the council has reduced management costs by more than £2million, while at the same time improving outcomes for the residents of North Lincolnshire.

“Everything the senior team does ensures the council can prioritise keeping older and disabled residents and vulnerable children and families safe and well, enabling our many communities to prosper and to secure jobs and develop a thriving economy.”

The Taxpayers Alliance says that the number of local authorities receiving more than £100,000 in total remuneration is at the highest level since 2013-14. There are 2,921 across the country, with 739 getting in excess of £150,000.

North East Lincolnshire’s top paid employee got compensation of nearly £190,000 a year. Six employees were paid more than £100,000.

Yorkshire and the Humber had the lowest among of highly-paid council employees in England. The councils with the top pay packets were mainly based in London.

The full findings are available on the Taxpayers Alliance website.