April 27, 2022 8.00 am This story is over 25 months old

The cost of school uniforms and meals for Lincoln parents

Parents can face a hefty bill for uniform

Lincoln parents can expect to shell out nearly £30 to kit their children with a single set of school uniform.

Rising costs mean that families with children will be squeezed more than ever as they get ready for a new school year in September.

A random sample of six Lincoln primary schools found that the average cost for a jumper, polo shirt and trousers which complied with the uniform code was £28.82.

The lowest price found for a full set was £26.99, where uniform suppliers charged £8 for a branded sweatshirt, £4.99 for a plain polo shirt and £14 for trousers.

However, some parents will end up paying much more. Prices for one school included  £10 for sweatshirts and an extra £5 for a branded tie.

Children will of course need several pairs of shirt and trousers, adding more cost.

The cost of uniform will vary by the school’s dress code | Photo: Adobe Stock

Prices could rise even more before September, with inflation currently running at 7% according to the latest ONS figures.

Each school has their own policy on pupils’ uniform. Some prefer their logo to be on most items, with the branded items only being available at certain shops, which leads to them being more expensive.

Others will accept plain or generic items which parents can pick up at supermarkets and other cheaper high street shops.

New government rules were brought in last year in an effort to push the costs down.

Schools were required to give parents a wider range of shops to buy from, and to remove unnecessary branded items from their dress code. They have until December to comply with this.

Dinners are another regular cost for parents | Photo: Adobe Stock / Monkey Business

School dinner prices are also likely to rise as the cost of living crisis continues to bite.

Junior students have the option of paying for school meals or bringing packed lunches.

Not all schools publish information on how much they charge students. However, a random sample of those which do gave an average price of £2.28 per day.

All reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children in government funded schools are eligible for free school meals.

Children whose families have lower levels of income can also apply to receive meals free of charge. Visit Lincolnshire County Council website to see if you are eligible.