May 20, 2022 8.00 pm This story is over 18 months old

Lorries tipping over ‘due to dip in Lincolnshire road’

Council looking at road improvements

Safety improvements have been carried out at corner where numerous accidents have occurred in East Keal.

The council is looking into what else can be done to prevent motorists from coming off the road at Hall Corner, while police are looking into the possibility of fitting a speed camera.

A cement lorry recently overturned on the corner in February.

Lincolnshire County Council has found a slight dip in the road where Blacksmith Lane meets the A16 could be the reason why heavy vehicles travelling at excessive speed are tipping over.

It is considering whether to smooth out and realign the road, but says it is concious of the impact that closing the A16 would have on traffic and local businesses.

Several safety improvement measures have already been put in place, including ‘slow’ markings, enhanced bend warning signs and improved chevrons.

Problems have been found with the road surface on the corner. | Photo: Google Street View

Lincolnshire Police are assessing whether a speed camera on the corner would be beneficial, and will be taking speed readings in the coming weeks.

Larger barriers and longer safety fencing have been proposed by the public. However, the county council says that in order for it to be big enough to withstand the impact of overturned vehicles, the cost can’t be justified.

Either the local parish council or the country council could also explore whether to fund a reactive speed sign on the location.

Richard Davies, executive member for highways, said: “We are very thankful to the residents and members of the parish council who have given us their ideas and support in what can be done at Hall Corner. Local knowledge and personal feedback are cornerstones of what we do in terms of delivering the best solutions in the most informed way.

“There has already been much done at this bend to try and mitigate the issues faced and we now have more planned for this particular area that will go on to encourage all road users to drive accordingly in line with the road and conditions.

“I would like to thank everyone involved so far for their input. We will all work together to get the best resolution we can for Hall Corner.”