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That tingly feeling! Meet Lincoln’s ASMR YouTube star becoming a global sensation

Lizzielestrange speaks to The Lincolnite Podcast

ASMR is one of the internet’s hottest trends, and one content creator from Lincoln is racking up millions of views from across the world.

Cosplayer and ASMRtist Lizzielestrange started her YouTube channel in November 2020, and is quickly approaching a staggering six-million views across all of her videos.

Combining her passion for dress and prop making, acting, and videography, Lizzie has created a unique spin on the ASMR genre, frequently playing characters with elaborate outfits and backdrops to give each of her videos a theme.

Speaking to The Lincolnite Podcast, Lizzie explained how she got into creating videos, and how she managed to turn content creation into a full-time career.

Listen here:

An acronym for ‘autonomous sensory meridian response’, ASMR videos have become a global sensation, helping people to relieve stress and anxiety.

Common forms of ASMR include whispering, breathing, and tapping on objects. These sounds are recorded on high-end microphones and are designed to give people a sensation of ‘tingling’.

You can find Lizzielestrange’s videos on her YouTube channel.

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