May 4, 2022 11.12 am This story is over 24 months old

Young vandals cause ‘Pandamonium’ at Lincoln primary school

They climbed on the roof

Youths caused what police described as ‘Pandamonium’ at a Lincoln school when they climbed on the roof, attempted to damage the building, and tried to kick the head off a model panda.

The incident happened over the weekend at Manor Leas Primary School on Hykeham Road in Lincoln.

Police said they have sent CCTV stills to local schools to try and help identify the suspects and urged the young males to talk to their parents before they do.

Lincoln Police posted about the incident on social media telling the young men “unlike the Panda you aren’t a projected species”.

The post said: “Over the weekend a number of young gentlemen decided to cause Pandamonium at Manor Leas Primary School. Climbing on the roof, attempting to damage the building and one particularly disagreeable chap tried to kick the head off the Panda!

“We’ve spent the day reviewing CCTV producing stills of you and sending them to all the Local schools to find out who you are. Consider the quality of the image of the Panda…

“Unlike the Panda you aren’t a protected species…

“Should the schools not identify you (they rarely fail to do so)…

“You might be looking at your photo on here instead!

“If you’d like to get ahead of the curve and talk to your parents before we do, they can drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll come round for a chat. Looking forward to seeing you soon!”