June 28, 2022 7.00 am

Purple bins improve recycling rates in Lincolnshire

Only 12% contaminated, down from over 30%

The addition of purple bins in some areas of Lincolnshire has improved recycling rates and reduced contamination by 12-13%, which is down from 33% a year ago.

Areas including West Lindsey, North Kesteven and Boston have already started using the purple-lidded bins.

This is part of a countywide mission to offer separate paper and card collections across the whole of Lincolnshire by 2024.

Rachel Stamp, Waste Partnership and Project Manager at Lincolnshire County Council, told BBC East Midlands: “It’s not been an easy transition, we’ll not kid anybody, but it is working.

“We have seen the contamination in our bins across the county where we’ve rolled in this initiative go down to well under 12-13% compare that with 33% a year ago, in that area it’s an amazing achievement.”