June 8, 2022 6.00 pm

Street light to be finally repaired eight months later

It is located near a very sharp bend

By Local Democracy Reporter

A Lincolnshire streetlight is finally due to be repaired eight months after it was knocked down.

The light was damaged in an accident last October, with only three feet of pole sticking out of the pavement since then.

It is located on a sharp bend on Sheepwash Lane near Heighington.

A local resident repeatedly contacted the council over his concerns that drivers who don’t know the area are being put at risk.

Lincolnshire County Council have now confirmed that it is scheduled to be repaired on Tuesday, June 21.

The resident said: “Just after Christmas, I realised that it was about time that it was put back up again. I reported it on the council website three or four times over the next few months, but it’s still not back up.

“The light is on a 90 degree bend which can be pretty bad if you don’t know the road or are speeding. It’s a real issue in the winter when the whole area is in darkness.

“The next streetlight along is also partly obscured by a tree’s branches, which doesn’t help.

“It’s disappointing it hasn’t been repaired for this long. Surely it shouldn’t take eight months to repair it?”

The council says that repairs are expected to be completed in a single day, although the length of the job could vary if any complications are found.