July 19, 2022 8.04 am This story is over 23 months old

Parents fuming over heatwave uniform saga at Lincoln school

Excluded pupils reportedly lined the road outside the school

Parents of pupils at a Lincoln school have vented anger, claiming some were sent home for wearing ‘cool clothes’ and ‘PE kits’ on one of the hottest days in UK history.

Lincoln Castle Academy allegedly punished students who wore shorts and PE kits with the school emblem when temperatures soared to the high thirties on Monday, July 18.

Some were said to have been sent home, given detention or even excluded for the rest of the term. It is understood from reports that pupils had been told to continue to wear full-length trousers, or tights with a skirt, shirt and tie, with the top button loosened.

As comments from angry parents increased on social media, the school’s Facebook page then appeared to vanish.

The Lincolnite has contacted the school for a statement of response, and to clarify the uniform policy amid recent very hot weather.

Although the school did not reply directly by the time of publication, an email was sent to some parents on Monday evening, which was seen by The Lincolnite.

The email appeared to suggest the school had u-turned on its policy and decided to make Tuesday, July 19 a “non-uniform day”.

The short email stated: “Students should continue to observe our normal rules on make-up and jewellery. Clothes should be appropriate (i.e. no crop tops, short skirts, or offensive slogans/images).”

A further email sent to parents on Tuesday informed that the school would be closing at 1pm that day.

Angry parent Gemma Roberts-Fox claimed to The Lincolnite: “To expect the pupils to attend school in uniform in these extremes of heat is nothing short of abhorrent. They were turning students away who had arrived at school in their PE kits and issuing them with a fixed term exclusion.

“The PE kits clearly have the school logo on display so I honestly do not understand what the issue was. To insist that the boys wear trousers and the girls, if wearing skirts, must have their legs covered with tights while the female staff members are wearing summer dresses with bare legs is not only contradictory but cruel.

“They claimed their decision was in line with other secondary schools within the area which is absolutely not the case – many secondary schools were allowing students to wear their PE kits to maintain some level of comfort in the extreme temperatures. Very disappointing that on this occasion, as with many many others occasions in the past they have had a complete disregard for students welfare and a reluctance to listen to the opinions of their students and the parents.”

A parent, who wished to remain anonymous, told the The Lincolnite: “In my opinion, the way Lincoln Castle Academy has handled the heatwave has been nothing short of appalling. At the weekend the school communicated with parents that ties and blazers could be taken off, but otherwise full uniform would be required.

“I have friends who are parents at other Lincoln schools, and those schools are either closed or allowing children to wear PE kit. I’m afraid I no longer have confidence that the school has my child’s best interest at heart. There was a useful debate happening on Lincoln Castle Academy’s Facebook page before they took it down.”

One angry parent said their daughter “won’t be in today or tomorrow unless the rules change for tomorrow and they are allowed to wear PE kits” and added “it’s ridiculous in this heat”.

Another said: “My children will not be attending as you are nowhere near inline with other schools nor government guidance.”

When one parent went to pick up their child who was being sent home poorly they said there was a “line of kids sat outside waiting to be picked up”, while another criticised the “zero communication with parents”.

A parent, who wished to remain anonymous, showed The Lincolnite a copy of an email she received from the school shortly after 12pm on Tuesday, July 19.

The email stated: “Due to the rising temperatures and putting student and staff wellbeing first, we’re making the difficult decision to close the school to students from 1pm today. All students will take lunch at 12.20pm.”