July 4, 2022 8.00 pm This story is over 23 months old

Paw-some effort! 200 dogs and owners walk across Humber Bridge for charity

Raising money for disabled animals

Over 200 dogs and owners walked across the Humber Bridge on Sunday to raise over £3,000 for disabled animals.

The dogs included Pumpkin who uses a wheelchair and will sadly be paralysed for life, but that doesn’t stop her Lincoln-based owner Tammie Fox from trying to help her beloved canine and other animals.

After a fundraiser local charity Winston’s Wheels donated her fabulous walking wheels and the community pulled together to raise £5,000 for the treatment she needed.

Pumpkin was more recently part of a fundraising effort with over 200 of her furry friends on July 3. Over £3,800 was raised both online and offline, and through a raffle – donations can still be made here.

| Photo: Submitted

| Photo: Submitted

Sunday’s event was a big success with over 130 humans and more than 100 dogs of all shapes and sizes in attendance.

The donations will go to Pumpkin and friends charity, which was set up in 2021 to raise awareness and money for animals with disabilities, helping families financially and emotionally.

Tammy said: “Pumpkin herself is paralysed and uses a wheelchair. Unfortunately this was caused by extreme trauma and she was told many times that she didn’t deserve to live.

“Her family have never stopped fighting and give Pumpkin a full and happy life on wheels.

“We want to raise as much awareness as possible to show the world these animals deserve to live.

“Having a disability isn’t a death sentence, it’s the beginning of a brand new adventure.”

Tammie Fox and her pup Pumpkin both completed the Humber Bridge walk for charity. | Photo: Submitted

| Photo: Submitted

| Photo: Submitted

Pumpkin is also a working therapy dog and visits residential homes and schools to promote greater self-esteem and focused interaction. Therapy dogs are also healing companions for people with various health conditions, and are said to have been shown to reduce blood pressure.

Sally-anne Robinson, who works with Tammie and has a 15-year-old pug called Molly, also attended the event and wanted to thank everyone for their “amazing support” and said there were some “much needed laughs along the way”.