October 28, 2021 10.08 am This story is over 31 months old

MRI scan sadness as Pumpkin the puppy prepares for life on wheels

Her owner vows to help her live a happy life

By Local Democracy Reporter

Pumpkin the puppy received devastating news at an MRI scan on Wednesday, as it was discovered that she would be paralysed for life and her condition would not improve.

The Lincolnite has covered the progress of Pumpkin the paralysed puppy ever since her owner Tammie Fox told the story of her near three-month old West Highland Terrier on October 12.

She was born paralysed without the use of her back legs, and Tammie decided to start a fundraiser to help get her dog some new wheels to help her move around, as well as specialist veterinary care to see if anything could be done to help Pumpkin.

Looking good Pumpkin! Here she is posing with her cool new wheels. | Photo: Tammie Fox

Her fabulous walking wheels were then donated less than a week later by local charity Winston’s Wheels, and over £5,000 was raised for the treatment she needed.

Pumpkin travelled to Surrey on Wednesday, October 27 for an MRI scan with one of the best vets in the country, and the results were not what owner Tammie Fox had been hoping for.

Pumpkin’s back legs are limp and without feeling. | Photo: Tammie Fox

The scans found that her spine had been completely broken and fused back together in a “mangled mess”, and her back legs were basically backwards.

These results mean that she is paralysed from the waist down and will be for life, her situation will not improve and cannot be operated on.

Tammie hasn’t had Pumpkin long, but they are inseparable. | Photo: Tammie Fox

Pumpkin also has some new rubber shoes to protect her feet. | Photo: Tammie Fox

Pumpkin will require physiotherapy and hydrotherapy for the rest of her life due to the “extreme trauma” on her back and legs, which the vet said was the worst he had ever seen.

It isn’t clear how this has happened, but it was confirmed to Tammie that it was the fault of the breeder she came from.

Pumpkin also needs to wear nappies and rests on puppy pads for when she needs the toilet. | Photo: Tammie Fox

Tammie said it has left her “devastated and in shock” but vows to give Pumpkin the best quality of life possible.

She said on Wednesday evening: “We love Pumpkin puppy and we will give her everything she needs and wants. We will make sure she lives a happy life.”

She’s great at making new friends, even cats get on with her! | Photo: Tammie Fox

The positive to come from this is that Pumpkin will not require any further surgery, and the focus for Tammie is now to kit her out with a new pink set of wheels and book her physiotherapy.

As well as this, Tammie is planning some lovely holidays for Pumpkin to take her on some nice walks to the seaside with her new wheels.

Tammie has decided to close the GoFundMe and will donate any money left over from the veterinary care to local dog charity Breeds in Need Rescue UK.

The fundraiser managed to accumulate an incredible £7,500 in just over two weeks, and Pumpkin’s story has clearly resonated with many, as her Facebook page stands at close to 2,000 likes.

Pumpkin is a Terrier puppy that was born paralysed, meaning she cannot properly use her back legs. | Photo: Tammie Fox