July 15, 2022 10.15 am This story is over 15 months old

Vicious knife and hammer attack on ex after scalding son: Man awaits sentencing

He will be sentenced at the end of September

A Grantham man launched a “vicious” knife and hammer attack on his ex-wife after throwing scalding water over their adult son, a court heard.

Mark Hough, 55, was arrested after police were deployed to the incident in Manchester Way, Grantham, at 9.51pm on October 27, last year.

Lincoln Crown Court heard Hough’s ex-wife, Alison Worley, suffered eight stab wounds to her torso during the attack, and Joshua Hough, 22, also sustained scalding injuries to his body.

Hough was due to be sentenced at Lincoln Crown Court today (Thursday) after he admitted the two assaults.

However Judge Simon Hirst said he was concerned about the lack of medical evidence relating to Mrs Worley’s injuries.

Judgd Hirst told Hough: “I am sorry that I can not sentence you today.

“As you know I have been concerned and remain concerned about the state of the medical evidence in this case.

“I will give the prosecution a final opportunity to obtain a proper prognosis for both the physical and mental injuries sustained by your former wife.”

Jonathan Dunne, prosecuting, told the hearing: “This was an entirely unprovoked assault by Mr Hough on his son, Joshua, by throwing scalding water over him.

“Having reported that to his mother, Alison Worley, she attended the address in Grantham, and was then subjected to a vicious knife and hammer attack which left her with lasting injuries.”

The incident happened on Manchester Way in Grantham. | Photo: R.S. Mortiss

The court heard Hough had been drinking and turned on his son, Joshua, after raising the death of one of his friends.

Mr Dunne said it was not clear if the water had reached boiling point, but told the court: “It was hot enough to cause scalding injuries to various parts of Joshua’s torso.”

When Mrs Worley attended the address she heard Joshua shouting at his father: “What sort of animal are you, what have you done to me?”

Mrs Worley confronted her ex-husband and demanded: “How could you have done that to our son?”

She then added: “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Mr Dunne said Mrs Worley remembered being stood at the bottom of the stairs and then heard her ex-husband remark: “Finish it now.”

“I remember seeing the knife,” Mrs Worley said in her statement. “I remember it being a long kife.

“I thought he was going to slash my throat.”

Mrs Worley said she remembered the knife going in, but managed to make her way on to the front lawn.

However, the court heard that Hough armed himself with a hammer and continued the attack.

“He then hit her around the head, and also the breast and upper torso,” Mr Dunne added.

Hough initially blamed his son for the argument, but admitted the “red mist had come down.”

The court heard Joshua Hough remained in hospital until 2 November.

Mr Dunne said Mrs Worley suffered injuries including eight stab wounds to her torso, a broken rib and cuts to her face, and was in hospital until 1 November.

Fortunately all of the stab wounds missed life threatening areas, the court heard.

Hough, formerly of Manchester Way, Grantham, later appeared at Lincoln Crown Court and denied a charge of attempting to murder Alison Worley on 27 October, 2021.

He also pleaded not guilty to a charge of assault occassioning actual bodily harm to his son, Joshua Hough on the same date.

However at a further hearing Hough pleaded guilty to an offence of causing Alison Worley grievous bodily harm with intent.

He also admitted a second charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm to Joshua Hough.

Hough was remanded back into custody and will now be sentenced at Lincoln Crown Court on 30 September.