August 4, 2022 2.00 pm This story is over 22 months old

Are you making the most of government’s childcare cost schemes?

Almost all families are eligible for some financial support

Over a million families in the UK are missing out on support with the cost of childcare from the government.

The school holidays have begun, and it is vital that families access the financial aid they need to help with the cost of childcare over the summer.

Almost all families are eligible for some financial support, including people who are self-employed.

Support with the cost of childcare is available for all children from birth up to 11 years of age and 16 years of age for children with a disability.

People claiming Universal Credit may be eligible for up to 85% paid for of their childcare costs.

Families in employment earning less than £100,000 each can receive up to 20% of their childcare costs being paid for through Tax Free Childcare.

There are multiple Government schemes that are available to help ease the financial squeeze that many households are facing.

The schemes enable people to work, increase their hours, find employment, and embark on a learning journey in higher education.

Childcare Choices [] contains all the details for families to find out more about the type of support they are eligible for.

One local parent said: “The cost of holiday childcare can soon add up especially in the six weeks holidays.

“I use my Tax Free Childcare account to budget for the summer holidays paying in additional funds each month to build up some funds for the summer.

“This scheme makes a huge difference to my family as I receive an additional £2 from the government for every £8 that I pay into my account.

“Using Ofsted registered paid for childcare gives me peace of mind that my children are safe and having fun whilst I am at work.”

Parents working in adult social care can benefit from free childcare this summer through the Proud to Care scheme [] and can obtain further details from their employer.

For families who are looking to obtain employment but are worrying about paying upfront childcare costs, seek advice from your Universal Credit Work Coach or Jobs and Benefit office about the Adviser Discretion Fund.

This is a £1500 non-repayable grant for childcare fees for families who meet the eligibility criteria.

All North Lincolnshire childcare settings are Ofsted registered and provide full or half days of activities for children to enjoy whilst their parents are at work.

Activities include sports and games, crafts and baking as well as some days out in the community. It gives children the opportunity to see their friends over the summer and form new friendships.

Holiday clubs are offered by a variety of before and after school providers, childminders, and several day nurseries.

For details of holiday childcare providers within North Lincolnshire email [email protected].