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Boston and Skegness only places in UK which don’t regret Brexit, poll claims

Everywhere else says it was the wrong move

The Boston and Skegness constituency has kept its crown as the Brexit capital in a poll which claims it’s the only constituency to not regret leaving the EU.

The overwhelming majority of the UK now thinks that Britain voted for the wrong choice in the referendum, it claims.

Respondents were asked by pollster UnHerd Britain whether they agreed with the statement “Britain was wrong to leave the EU”.

Boston and Skegness, which had the highest Leave vote in the country, saw 41% disagree with the statement and 37% agree.

It is still represented by MP Matt Warman, who was in favour of Remaining.

Two other Lincolnshire constituencies were also rated second and third in terms of not regretting Brexit.

There’s still strong pro-Brexit sentiment in parts of Lincolnshire | Photo: UnHerd poll

The infographic shows areas with the highest percentage of regret in darkest green, and pink for those happy with the decision.

In Louth and Horncastle, 41% both agreed and disagreed with the statement.

South Holland and the Deepings was also tied at 40% to 40%.

Tuesday, January 31 will be the third anniversary of Britain formally giving up EU membership.

Since then, the tide has swung against Brexit nationally according to the poll.

54% of respondents agreed that Britain was wrong to leave, and 41% disagreed.

However, the poll didn’t ask people’s opinion on whether the country should rejoin the EU.

Lincoln was the county’s most anti-Brexit constituency, according to the results, with 52% against the decision and 26% in favour.

Whether Lincolnshire regrets leaving the EU, with green showing regret and pink no regrets | Photo: UnHerd poll

Other Lincolnshire communities which are represented by Brexit-supporting MPs also appear to be souring on the result.

Great Grimsby – which was another Leave stronghold – now has 44% regretting the result and 31% still in favour.

Gainsborough is 46% regretting to 36% in favour.

Some voters have become sceptical whether the promised benefits of Brexit – such as the £350m a week for the NHS – will materialise.

However, the government says it remains committed to making the most of the opportunities.

The full breakdown can be found online.

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