March 15, 2023 7.00 am This story is over 8 months old

‘Fantastic idea’ or ‘sneaky speed traps’ – Your views on unmarked speed cameras

Safer Roads Humber are using unmarked vehicles

Some Lincolnite readers have come out in support of the idea of deploying speed cameras in unmarked vehicles, but others feel it is ‘more about money making than public safety’.

Speed cameras in unmarked vehicles are being used in northern Lincolnshire and Safer Roads Humber carry out enforcement in the region.

Ian Robertson, from Safer Roads Humber, previously told BBC Look North: “Why don’t we get something like another tractor at the side of the road or a cherry picker in a field. It may be marked, it may be unmarked, but it will certainly be visible.”

The Lincolnite asked motorists what they thought of the idea.

When asked whether they would support speed cameras in unmarked vehicles, Jon Ruffles called it an “absolutely fantastic idea” and Sarah McCaffrey says she supports it as “if you don’t speed then you’ve got nothing to worry about”

Rebecca Jessie Graham added: “Yes, I totally support this. So many drivers kill people with their speeding.”

However, Jason Cowman said he’ll “never be convinced it’s about saving lives as opposed to making revenue”.

He said: “If that was true they would scrap the fines and double the points for each speeding offence, which would result in persistent speeders losing their licences quicker…far better result for road safety if that’s really what it’s about.”

Ian Wilson said: “If the aim is to stop people speeding then marked vehicles are obviously the best option. However, if the aim is to make money from fines then it’s unmarked vehicles all the way.”

Josh Appleby said: “In built up residential areas where speed or antisocial behaviour is an issue, yes as it’s tackling an issue and making it safer rather than just lining pockets. On 60/70mph roads, no. The speed limit needs upping and incompetent drivers need banning from the roads.”

Ray Johnson said users of other modes of transport need to be looked at too, saying: “As long as they target the irresponsible cyclist, electric cycles speeding, and illegal E-scooters with equal passion, not just motorists, as they are all equal road users (even if some should not even be on the roads/pavements).”

Steve Kilbon said: “Personally, I think it would be safer for motorists to pay attention to what’s going on outside their windscreen rather than being glued to their speedo in fear of wandering over the speed limit and being prosecuted for it.

“I don’t condone speeding but let’s face it, we’re all guilty of wandering over the speed limit without noticing.

“The police should be spending more funding in educating motorists not penalising them.”

Dave Simons is against the idea, saying: “Pointless. There is nowhere you can get to any speed without risking having a wheel ripped off by the poorly maintained roads.”

Martin Christopher believes the money would be better off being spent elsewhere.

He said: “The UK has more Heart Disease related deaths than speeding – approximately 160,000 vs 400. That is more per day from heart problems than speeding manages in a whole year.

“So surely, if the true desire was to protect the public, we would get more impact by putting this resource into lifestyle and education on diet/exercise than sneaky speed traps.”

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