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Ink-credible: Weird and wonderful tattoos of Lincolnshire

Even a Dalek Jesus

Tattoos are a great way to express ourselves, remember loved ones or mark milestones.

The Lincolnite asked its readers for their unique, quirky or meaningful tattoos – and they didn’t disappoint!

Some are funny, others are moving, two friends got matching tattoos, but all mean something to those who have them.

Abbie’s ‘Dalek Jesus’ tattoo. | Photo: Abbie Knights

Abbie Knights described her ‘Dalek Jesus’ as “one of the most unique tattoos ever by Beth Reed (The Mad Tatter) in Lincolnshire”.

She said: “It was one of Beth’s first ever designs/mashups and no-one would take it. I thought it was awesome, quirky and just outright outrageous so I had to have it. Honestly, it is the best tattoo I have to this day.”

The tattoo motivated Tori through her cancer recovery. | Photo: Tori Parker

Tori Parker was diagnosed with cervical cancer in November and said she got her tattoo to “motivate me through recovery”.

She said: “A cheeky F U to cancer and the tumour listened. I was told my last surgery was successful and I’m now cancer free!”

Well this is certainly a bit different! | Photo: Douglas Garriock

Douglas Garriock said: “I absolutely love crocs. Not much of a story, but it’s good enough for me.”

Jessica says the moral of the story is “research your artist”. | Photo: Jessica Rosser

Jessica Rosser and her friend wanted to get matching tattoos of their favourite anime character – Levi from Attack On Titan.

She said: “We had a few drinks at Wetherspoons and decided on a design. We walked into a tattoo shop and got our tattoos. We were so happy and thought they looked great.

“But when we took a picture and flipped it round we realised that the tattoo did not look as good as we originally thought and mine had somehow come out worse.

“Unfortunately, they didn’t quite look like the design. Moral of the story is research your artist.”

A tattoo with family meaning for Christian and another relating to the war. | Photo: Christian Brodigan

Christian Brodigan said he has a tattoo with his kids’ names on, saying: “I lost my little girl called Elena and since then I’ve used it for my children.

“And my second one is for the World War. I’m currently going to finish it with a massive sleeve design.”

Hannah wanted to turn “any conversation around my scar/surgery into a positive and funny conversation with the tattoo.” | Photo: Hannah Turner

Hannah Turner said: “I have a mute button on my left side near my ear. I became deaf in my left side following brain surgery to remove a brain tumour.

“I got the tattoo to lighten the vibe around it and turn any conversation around my scar/surgery into a positive and funny conversation with the tattoo.

“Make a positive out of a negative, the best way to live!”

Louise’s tattoo is known as ‘alopecia Alan’. | Photo: Louise Everington

Louise Everington said: “In December 2021, my best friend paid for a tattoo for me because she knows I love alpacas and see them as my spirit animal.

“I got this design done for me – he is known as alopecia Alan.”

Matt is proud of his Volkswagen tattoos. | Photo: Matt Hill

Matt Hill from Lincoln wanted to show us his “Volkswagen tattoos” which also include a sign for ‘Skeg Vegas’.

The tattoo marked Neil’s 50th donation and 50th birthday. | Photo: Neil Compton

Neil Compton said he had a tattoo done in October last year of a “giving blood logo with a 50 medal draped over it for my 50th donation as I turned 50 as well.”

Chloe May said she had a tattoo of a game of noughts and crosses.

70-year-old retired teacher Alison Fairchild said her tattoo is “not what you might expect”.

She said: “I had bowel cancer. For a few years after, Lincoln hospital would check the inside of my bowel for small polyps that might turn into cancer.

“They found one, and left a tattoo to mark it so that it was easy to find again. So now I can say, yes, I have a tattoo. The only problem is, I can’t really show it off!”

And finally… there was a rather ‘cheeky’ submission from someone who wished to remain anonymous.

They had the words ‘Sweet Cheeks’ tattooed on their bottom along with red lips.

They said: “I got this tattoo back around 2008 when I was 18. This was to be my first tattoo and I didn’t really know what I wanted or where I wanted it.

“After a few drinks I decided that I wanted a tattoo that no-one else has and I want it to age well making people smile whenever they see it.

“Even when or if I make it to an age where I am being bed bathed it will still put a smile on someone’s face. Maybe not so sweet at that age mind.”

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