March 3, 2023 4.00 pm This story is over 13 months old

Man claims Lincoln’s ‘Chav Church’ has restored his hearing

He said he was previously permanently deaf in one ear

A man who was deaf in his left ear says that he was “healed by God’s power” at a Lincoln church.

Ignite Elim Church, self-styled as the Chav Church, uploaded a YouTube video about Matthew, who believes he was healed by God after going to youth church.

Matthew was diagnosed with auditory processing disorder around 14 years ago and used a hearing aid.

He said his sister already attended the church and told him that healing and miracles had happened there.

In the video, Matthew said: “I got welcomed in with open arms and I felt like that was my place to be.

“The next morning after being prayed for and worshipping, I woke up with a banging headache and it was strange because that never happened before.”

Matthew said he was “healed by God’s power”. | Screenshot: Ignite Elim Church

Matthew said he then went to the doctors who asked him why he wasn’t wearing his hearing aid.

He told them: “I feel like I can hear and I could hear everything so clearly”.

He said the local hospital couldn’t understand what had happened and there was no explanation why he was suddenly healed.

Matthew said that the hospital in Lincoln referred him to a specialist hospital in Sheffield, but they “couldn’t explain why I could hear properly and they had to run tests”.

He added that the results came back normal and he was discharged from the specialist hospital.

Matthew said: “I have been healed for the past seven years and my life has changed since being healed by God’s power.

“Hearing the birds sing in the morning or hearing people talk to me that makes me feel happy. Communicating with friends is a lot better compared to when I was deaf.

“I’ve been able to hear more, focus more on my work and I’ve been able to communicate a lot better with people, and every day reminds me of the night I got healed.

“If you’re in need of assistance and healing or feeling injured, that you can’t do anything, I would recommend going to your local church and getting them to pray for you.”

The church said: “We don’t believe that people are healed by us, we believe that they are healed by God. We believe nothing is impossible for God”.

The video was uploaded by the church the month after a furious woman said it was “absolutely disgusting” that it was claiming it can ‘cure cancer’.

Lesley King lost her mum and other family members to cancer and knows friends that are going through it, and was infuriated by a poster for the church’s ‘3 Nights of Healing & Miracles’ events.

She said the church’s claim “a proven track record of healing all sorts of ailments from headaches to sprained knees, and damaged ligaments to bone cancer” was offensive.

However, one of the church’s pastors previously responded to The Lincolnite saying that “nothing is impossible for God”.

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