April 11, 2023 12.00 pm This story is over 14 months old

Empowering Change: Krisi Smith joins lineup at Social Change Better Business Summit

Co-founder of Bird & Blend Tea Co. shares insights on ethical entrepreneurship

Unleash the power of sustainable business at the Social Change Better Business Summit, taking place on Monday, May 22 at The Engine Shed in Lincoln, Lincolnshire. Hosted by Stonebow Media and their partners Social Change, this transformative event brings together global industry experts to explore the B-Corp standard and offer valuable guidance on making your business more sustainable.

Starting at 9:30am, the day is divided into two inspiring sections: Inspire and Act. Get ready to be captivated by a lineup of keynote speakers, engage in meaningful panel discussions, and connect with like-minded professionals during networking opportunities.

The distinguished panel of speakers includes Krisi Smith, Nikki Buckley, Gerrard Fisher, Kelly Evans, and Sarah Duncan. These industry pioneers will share their knowledge and expertise on ethical, eco-conscious, and sustainable business practices.

Enjoy a delicious lunch provided by ROCO BBQ and attend an exclusive cocktail networking event at 3:30pm. The Social Change Better Business Summit is an essential event for businesses of all sizes looking to make a positive impact on the world.

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to learn from the best in the industry. Book your tickets now and embark on a journey towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

Krisi Smith is the co-founder and creative director of the award-winning independent tea company, Bird & Blend Tea Co. She established the business with her co-founder, Mike Turner, after working as ski instructors in Canada. Eager to avoid returning to traditional 9-5 jobs working for someone else, they decided to create their own business with a mission to be as ethical and eco-conscious as possible. Krisi has always been passionate about making a positive impact on the world and sought the freedom and empowerment to make a real difference. At the Social Change Better Business Summit, she will share her insights and experiences on building a successful, ethical, and sustainable business.

Find out more at https://lincsbusinessweek.co.uk/betterbusinesssummit