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Local Elections 2023 candidates: Who’s standing in West Lindsey?

Candidates for West Lindsey District Council

By Local Democracy Reporter

The full list of candidates running for election in West Lindsey next month has been released.

Locals elections are taking place across all seven Lincolnshire districts, as well North and North East Lincolnshire, on Thursday, May 4.

Lincolnshire County Council will not be taking part as their next election is due in 2025.

West Lindsey District Council’s elections will include all of its 36 councillors across 20 wards.

The council is currently made up of 16 Conservatives, two Gainsborough independents, one Independent (all of whom are aligned to form the leading West Lindsey Administration Group,), along with 13 Liberal Democrats, two Lincolnshire Independents and two independents unaligned members.

The numbers mean there is no overall control of the authority and so only a few seats from either side could swing it either way.

Due to insufficient nominations made to contest the number of seats in the Kelsey Wold Ward, Councillor Peter Morris (Conservative) will officially be re-elected as district councillor uncontested.

Here is the full list of wards and candidates (in bold are current councillors):

Bardney Ward (one seat)

Ian Gordon Fleetwood – Conservative

Caroline Hilda Kenyon – Liberal Democrat

Vicky Pearson – Green

Charles William Shaw – Liberal Party – Keep Local Liberal Team

Caistor and Yarborough Ward (two seats)

Owen Charles Bierley – Conservative

June Clark – Liberal Democrat

Angela Theresa Lawrence – Conservative

Keith Richard Panter – Liberal Democrat

Cherry Willingham Ward (three seats)

Trevor John Bridgwood – Conservative

Chris Darrell – Lincolnshire Independents

Emily Elizabeth Morris – Liberal Democrat

Maureen Florence Palmer – Conservative

James Alexander Plastow – Liberal Democrat

Glen Thompson – Conservative

James Peter Ward – Liberal Democrat

Dunholme & Welton Ward (three seats)

Freddie Joseph Easters – Liberal Democrat

Caralyne Margaret Grimble – Conservative

Sebastian Hussamah Hague – Liberal Democrat

Di Rodgers – Independent

Craig Richard Seal – Conservative

Emily Rose Sharman – Conservative

Paul Swift – Liberal Democrat

Gainsborough East Ward (three seats)

Matthew Boles – Liberal Democrat

Andrew John Burge – Conservative

Tim Davies – Independent

Mick Devine – Gainsborough Independents

Dave Dobbie – Liberal Democrat

Ken Downey – Conservative

Jacob William Flear – Liberal Democrat

Michael Hancock – Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition

Perry Peter Smith – Labour

Gainsborough North Ward (three seats)

Nigel Bowler – Green

Sean Alexander Brennan – Liberal Democrat

Paul Michael Key – Lincolnshire Independents

Hugh McDaniel – Conservative

Pat O’ Connor – Reform UK

Jim Snee – Liberal Democrat

Mandy Snee – Liberal Democrat

Gainsborough South-West Ward (two seats)

Richard John Craig – Independent

Harry Eddowes – Labour

Jeanette Susan McGhee – Liberal Democrat

Stuart Morley – Reform UK

Vicki Woodward – Conservative

Trevor Victor Young – Liberal Democrat

Hemswell Ward (one seat)

Richard Denis Barstow – Liberal Democrat

Richard David Butroid – Conservative

Paul David John Howitt-Cowan – Independent

Kelsey Wold Ward (one seat)

Peter David Morris РConservative 

Lea Ward (one seat)

Emma Frances Bailey – Liberal Democrat

Jessie Brenda Milne – Conservative

Market Rasen Ward (three seats)

Laura Victoria Ashby – Conservative

Eve Lillian Bennett – Liberal Democrat

Rachel Ann Bridgwood – Conservative

Stephen Bunney – Liberal Democrat

John Carl McNeil – Conservative

Colin Saywell – Labour

Katie Vause – Labour

Moria Kathryn Westley – Liberal Democrat

Nettleham Ward (two seats)

John Stephen Barrett – Conservative

Frazer John Brown – Conservative

Alexander Cambo – Reform UK

Peter Meron Hladun – Liberal Democrat

Christine Jane Johnson – Green

Jess McGuire – Labour

Heather Cheryl Shore – Liberal Democrat

Jane Smith – Reform UK

Saxilby Ward (two seats)

Jackie Brockway РConservative 

Paul Martin Lee – Conservative

John Nicholas Rollings – Liberal Democrat

Lorraine Young – Liberal Democrat

Scampton Ward (one seat)

Nathan Berger – Liberal Democrat

Roger Michael Patterson – Conservative

Nick Smith – Reform UK

Giles Matthew Sullivan – Labour

Scotter & Blyton Ward (three seats)

Christine Jane Allison – Reform UK

Sheila Christine Bibb – Conservative

Lynne Margaret Blakelock – Conservative

Karen Lynn Carless – Liberal Democrat

Elizabeth Ann Clews – Liberal Democrat

Lesley Anne Rollings – Liberal Democrat

Kenneth Donald Woolley – Independent

Stow Ward (one seat)

Tracey Jane Coulson – Conservative

Lynda Marie Mullally – Liberal Democrat

Sudbrooke Ward (one seat)

Baptiste Velan – Liberal Democrat

Anne Wilbur – Conservative

Torksey Ward (one seat)

Thomas William Cox – Labour

Noel Joseph Mullally – Liberal Democrats

Roger Alan Pilgrim – Conservative

Waddingham & Spital Ward (one seat)

Adam Matthew Duguid – Conservative

Neil Taylor – Liberal Democrat

Wold View Ward (one seat)

Robert David Henri – Liberal Democrat

Tom Smith – Conservative

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