April 29, 2023 8.00 pm This story is over 6 months old

Local Elections 2023: East Lindsey group leaders’ campaign pledges

55 seats are available to candidates

Local elections are due to take place across Lincolnshire on May 4 and will see all the district councils, along with North and North East Lincolnshire, holding a vote.

There were 55 seats available to potential candidates in East Lindsey District Council.

The council is currently made up of 31 Conservatives, with the opposition comprising of eight Independent, six Labour, six Skegness Urban District Society members, two District Independent/Liberal Democrats and two unaligned councillors.

For the full list of candidates, click here.

It’s going to be a tough challenge for anyone looking to replace the Conservative leadership – not impossible, but there would need to be a seismic shift in electorate.

Eight of the district’s wards will go uncontested this year, for a total of 13 seats split between 10 conservatives, two independents, and a Liberal Democrat. The pre-election result means the Tories already have just under a third of their existing seats filled.

They include:

  • Coningsby and Mareham’s three seats which were filled by Conservatives Martin Foster, Alex Hall and James Knowles
  • Croft which has been taken by Conservative Sid Dennis
  • Fulstow which has been taken by Independent Edward Mossop
  • Halton Holegate which has been taken by Conservative Terry Taylor
  • Horncastle’s three seats which were filled by Conservative Richard Avison, Independent Sandra Campbell-Wardman and Liberal Democrat Fiona Martin
  • Roughton which was taken by Conservative William Gray
  • Sibsey and Stickney’s two seats which were filled by Conservatives Tom Ashton and Neil Jones
  • Wainfleet which was filled by Conservative Wendy Bowkett.

Councillors Stan Avison (Con), Dr Graham Williams (Con), Tony Howard (Lab), Sarah Parkin (Ind), Chris Green (Con) have decided not run this year.

We asked party and group leaders what they would deliver if elected. Here’s what they had to say.

Conservatives – Craig Leyland

Craig Leyland.

The Conservative administration at East Lindsey District Council has a proven track record for attracting external funding and working collaboratively with partners to improve the lives of our residents and the prospects for our economy.

Looking to the future, we will continue to seek the investment that East Lindsey requires so that we can support the whole district from our market towns to our coastal communities.

The Covid pandemic showed the value of community and we will continue to enhance our excellent well-being service to make sure our most vulnerable residents are supported.

East Lindsey is one of the largest districts in England and we will continue to provide good value for money for our ratepayers and deliver cost efficient services for our residents.

The future will not be without its challenges and we will continue to provide good leadership.

We will not be afraid to make the difficult decisions.


The Green party was contacted but hadn’t responded at the time of publication.

Independents – Jill Makinson-Sanders

Jill Makinson-Sanders.

Vote Independent!

This election is about what goes on in our communities, it’s about local issues, how well the district is managed and how services are provided.

Independent councillors are free to vote in the best interests of their residents, not constrained by the party politics dictated by Whitehall!

Independent councillors live and work in their communities, so understand the needs of residents – their problems are our problems too.

So much of the council’s energy has been devoted to the coast to the detriment of our market towns and villages so we seek to redress this.

Our infrastructure has not kept pace with unprecedented development, we must stop the increase of caravans into our countryside.

Ambulance times, lack of GPs and rural crime are all getting worse, business is crying out for support and families are struggling with the cost of living crisis. So it’s time for change, putting residents first!

Labour – Ros Jackson

Ros Jackson.

Labour in East Lindsey has always fought to protect and enhance people’s wellbeing, jobs, environment, and quality of life. 

  • We called for more money for vulnerable people during the cost of living crisis, and will ensure that funds already allocated are carefully targeted to people in need;
  • We will support the economy, ensuring our high streets remain viable, and that the council plays its part in attracting and retaining businesses that enhance East Lindsey;
  • Housing must be warm, safe, and of decent quality, so we will push for improvements to housing standards;
  • We want the council to invest more in renewable energy, improve insulation, increase EV charging points, and help residents and businesses do the same.
  • We will ensure play parks and amenity areas are maintained, and that we work to improve biodiversity in our green spaces; 
  • We oppose the Theddlethorpe nuclear dump.

Labour’s East Lindsey manifesto is available here.

Skegness Urban District Society – Danny Brookes

Danny Brookes.

This statement was sent post-publication deadline.

Four years ago no one thought we could shake up local politics.

We said “YES WE CAN”.  

And yes we did, four years on and in that time Skegness has received more extra funding in that short time than in the previous two decades.

SUDS are fielding the most candidates with 21 town council candidates.

We continue to campaign for better roads, full night street lights, money made on the coast to be kept on the coast, devolved powers as well as devolved cash earning assets.

We are asking you once again to believe not in our ability to bring change to the coast but in yours.

Hold fast to the faith that a small group of determined people can bring change and once again we say “yes we can” with your support. “YES WE CAN”. 


Reform UK

Reform UK was contacted but hadn’t responded at the time of publication.