April 27, 2023 8.00 pm This story is over 14 months old

New Market Deeping supermarket approved

The town centre shop won over an out-of-town Lidl

Market Deeping will get a budget supermarket – believed to be an Aldi – a year after a Lidl was rejected for the town.

The plans will see the demolition of an existing petrol filling station on Godsey Lane to build a new retail food store.

The application does not name Aldi specifically, however the superstore launched a consultation on proposals for a new store on the site last year.

Lidl had hoped to build on an out-of-town store off Peterborough Road, despite pleas from town centre traders to reconsider.

However, South Kesteven District Council’s planning committee said they couldn’t support a store there while there was a better option which would support the town’s high street.

The latest plans have been broadly supported by local councillors who hope to encourage a second major supermarket to the town.

Speaking on behalf of the application, Councillor Virginia Moran said: “I don’t mind who comes to the retail space but our residents desperately need another supermarket.”

She said a lack of options meant residents were currently paying a higher price for essential goods.

“A second supermarket of any description would assist the majority of the people in the Deepings a great deal.”

A petrol station would be demolished to make way for the supermarket | Photo: Google

Councillor Ashley Baxter said: “We have dozens of petrol stations within a few miles. If you have a car, you can go get petrol. If you don’t have a car, it is relatively difficult to go get groceries.

“Most people who work and live in Market Deeping would prefer to do their shopping in the town. Many of us go outside to Bourne because of cost.”

Some concerns have been raised around parking, shopper safety, noise and light pollution.

Nearby resident James Hudson said the development would badly affect its nearest neighbours.

“We believe this application is not suitable for this site as it stands. The applicants are trying to fit a large scale store into an unsuitable site,” he said.

Christina Weguelin, speaking on behalf of the landowners, said a delay in getting the application through the planning system had “helped us bring you the best site we can”.

“The application really is a win-win for Market Deeping,” she said.

Voting in favour of the development, Councillor Phil Dilks said: “This application will support the economy of the town centre of the Deepings and I have no hesitation in proposing that we approve the recommendation.”

Plans submitted to the council do not reveal which supermarket is set to take on the site, however, Aldi launched a consultation on very similar proposals last year.

The application has received 15 letters of support, including a petition from local business owners, and nine objections.

Those in favour of the plans say it will help with the cost of living crisis and provide more choice in the area while creating town centre footfall.

However, those opposed fear it will have a negative effect on the traditional market town and will result in the loss of parking, increased traffic and will not fit into the character of the area.

Conditions for the site have asked the developer to ensure parking spaces can be occupied for at least four hours, and councillors also requested some spaces in the area to be made available for employees and visitors to town centre stores.

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