May 23, 2023 10.30 pm This story is over 9 months old

Sustainability and employee ownership: Gusto Group’s vision for the future

B-Corp certification in sight: Gusto Group’s green endeavour

In a landmark shift for the UK construction and manufacturing industry, Gusto Group is transitioning towards employee ownership. Local founders Steff and Jerome Wright have offered their 180-strong workforce the option to become shareholders in the Collingham-based company. By granting employees a stake in the company, the firm aims to cultivate a deeper sense of unity and accountability within its ranks.

Gusto group aims for carbon neutrality

Adding to its progressive business model, Gusto Group is taking strides towards a sustainable future. It is currently seeking B-Corp certification – a gold standard for companies with robust social and environmental responsibility agendas. This step forms a crucial part of Gusto’s ambition to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Blast from the past: Gusto’s first national awards night. Pictured (L-R) Jerome Wright, Ross Curtis, Sue Jarrett, Steff Wright, Guy Norton.

Aligning business goals with greater impact

Chairman Steff Wright underscored the significance of their transformation: “Businesses should measure success not just by profit, but also by the positive impact they have on their employees, communities, and the environment.” Wright added that transitioning to employee ownership and seeking B-Corp certification allows Gusto Group to align their business strategy with these core values.

Long known for community engagement, Gusto Group further stands out with its Gusto Community Fund, which supports local initiatives and charitable causes. The company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainable growth sets it apart in the sector and presents a compelling model for the future of the industry.

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