October 27, 2023 11.44 am

33 roads in Lincolnshire remain closed after Storm Babet flooding

8 flood warnings and 16 flood alerts remain in place

33 roads in Lincolnshire remain closed after flooding caused by Storm Babet over the past week.

Meanwhile, 8 flood warnings and 16 flood alerts remain in place across Lincolnshire, with the Environment Agency monitoring the situation.

The ongoing road closures are reported at:

  • Waterloo Lane, Skellingthorpe
  • B1399 Lincoln Road, Fulnetby
  • Long Leys Road, Lincoln
  • B1195 Great Steeping
  • Main Road, Aby
  • Roughton Road, Kirkby on Bain
  • Main Street, Kirkby on Bain
  • Beck Street, Digby
  • Billingborough Road, Folkingham
  • Heath Lane, Great Ponton
  • High Street, North Scarle
  • Chapel Lane, North Scarle
  • School Lane, North Scarle
  • Eagle Road, North Scarle
  • Church Lane, North Scarle
  • Craypool Lane, Scothern
  • Fen Lane, Dunston
  • Moor Lane, Potterhanworth
  • Fen Lane, Mareham Le Fen
  • Waterside South, Lincoln
  • Waterside North, Lincoln
  • Beckingham Road, Stapleford
  • West Bank, Saxilby
  • Balmoral Avenue, Spalding
  • Main Road, Low Toynton
  • Ferry Road, Short Ferry
  • Nelthorpe Street, Lincoln
  • Napier Street, Lincoln
  • Sibthorp Street, Lincoln
  • Wharton Road, Blyton
  • Monson Street, Lincoln
  • Mareham on the Hill, Scrivelsby
  • Lincoln Road, Washingborough

The advice from Lincolnshire County Council: Please do not drive through flood water. Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue has dealt with 14 incidents of vehicles becoming trapped after driving through floods; you do not want to be next.

The flood warnings also cover Fiskerton, near Lincoln, where residents there is damage to two sections of the River Witham bank at Fiskerton.

At present, the bank is still holding the river water in, although the 70 households that have been advised to evacuate are urged not to return while the risk still remains.

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