December 13, 2023 8.30 am

1 in 1.2 million: The heartbreaking life with ALS in your 30s

The tragic tale of how a life was turned upside down by a fatal condition

By Local Democracy Reporter

When you hear “one in a million,” it often conjures images of extraordinary talent or remarkable fortune. But for 31-year-old Thomas Hynes from Lincoln, this phrase takes on a different, more poignant meaning. Thomas is battling ALS, a terminal form of motor neurone disease, making him part of a rare and unfortunate statistic.

ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a relentless adversary. It’s the same condition that the renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking courageously lived with for 55 years after his diagnosis at the age of 21. For Thomas, the journey began with a series of hospital visits, exhaustive tests, MRI scans, and lumbar punctures, culminating in a life-altering diagnosis last November.

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