February 1, 2024 4.00 pm

“Biased” Lincolnshire devolution consultation “missed the mark” with low responses

Council leaders throw shade at the consultation process for the Lincolnshire devolution deal

By Local Democracy Reporter

Lincolnshire’s ambitious devolution deal, promising £24 million annually for 30 years and a regional mayor, has hit a snag with its public consultation process. Despite Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) and its partners in North and North East Lincolnshire heralding over 4,000 survey completions as a success, critics argue the figure barely scratches the surface of public opinion.

The consultation’s “slanted” questions have drawn ire from some district leaders, suggesting an attempt to skew results in favour of the devolution deal. With a population of over 1 million, the mere 0.365% participation rate has raised eyebrows, casting doubt on the consultation’s effectiveness in capturing the true sentiment of Greater Lincolnshire residents.

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