Four people from a school in a village near Horncastle have been arrested over allegations of assault and neglect during their employment.

Three men, one aged in his 20s and two in their 30s, and a woman in her 50s, who are employed at the Build-a-Future Independent School in West Ashby, were arrested on Wednesday, January 27 this year.

They have since been bailed pending Lincolnshire Police’s continued investigation.

Police are working with closely with Children’s Services and the education provider, as well as with parents.

Detective Inspector Gemma Smith, from Lincolnshire Police’s Protecting Vulnerable Persons Unit, said: “I understand this news will come as a shock to anyone who has children at the school and may impact on the families involved.

“I ask that the privacy of those involved is respected and remind people it is unlawful to identify any child or young person involved.”

Build-a-Future was founded in Woodhall Spa 18 years ago before moving into a new premises in West Ashby a decade ago. The school became part of the Keys Group in December 2019.

A spokesperson for the school said: “The safety of the students who attend our school is our absolute priority, and protecting their well-being is a responsibility we take very seriously.

“We are working closely with all relevant partners to ensure the school’s students continue to receive the education, care and support they need. We are absolutely committed to protecting the welfare of the young people in our school.

“While police investigations continue, we are unable to comment further.”

Martin Smith, Assistant Director for Education at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “We are aware of the allegations of assault relating to the Build-a-Future Independent School at West Ashby, but are unable to comment further at this time as it is an active police investigation.

“Children’s Services are working with the police to ensure the young people are safe. We would encourage anyone with any relevant information to contact Lincolnshire Police on 101, quoting incident number 202-18/01/2020.”

The police investigation is ongoing and anyone with concerns is asked to contact the Lincolnshire force on 101 quoting incident number 202 of 18/01/2021.

A mother of three from Horncastle has been reunited with her “best friend”, Batman the cat, after he went missing for five months.

Taryn Burn, 23, said Batman, 4, went missing in August but initially didn’t think much of it because he liked exploring the area.

After a couple of days there was still no sign of him, so Taryn started searching all the places Batman would normally go to, but had no luck.

There were a few false alarms along the way, including a possible sighting near an industrial estate in Horncastle.

Taryn borrowed a cat trap from cat protection for three months in the hope of finding Batman, but there was still no sign of him.

Batman is a much-loved part of the family. | Photo: Taryn Burn

With Christmas on the horizon, Taryn’s oldest child Bentley, 5, said that Santa knew where Batman was and would bring him home on Christmas Eve, but sadly as 2020 ended he still wasn’t home.

Taryn told The Lincolnite: “It was devastating knowing that there was a possibility of having to break my child’s heart.

“I spent many nights walking around the fields trying to find him, going backwards and forwards daily.”

He may not look it, but rest assured Batman is happy to be home. | Photo: Taryn Burn

She never gave up, and continued to post on community Facebook pages until she finally had the breakthrough she’d been waiting for.

On Wednesday, January 27, Taryn was made aware of a post online saying that a cat had been spotted, so within minutes she raced to the area and saw him there.

“He was sat on top of a shed, as we called his name he let out the biggest meow”, Taryn said.

Aaaaaaand relax. | Photo: Taryn Burn

“Honestly the amount of joy I felt, I just could not stop crying.

“This was the same place that I had checked weekly, so we must have missed each other each time for five months.”

Batman started life with his family in similar circumstances, as Taryn found him roaming the streets of Skegness alone at just four weeks old.

Taryn described Batman as her “best friend” and said his presence helped her though a difficult stage of her life.

Batman can get back to snuggling with Taryn’s daughter Brooke, 3. | Photo: Taryn Burn

“When my daughter was born, she was born poorly and spent eight and a half months in hospital in Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham before she came home.

“Batman was my rock, he was always there when I needed someone. For most people a cat is just a cat, but to me he’s my best friend.”

A Horncastle woman who stabbed her partner after being assaulted by him has been spared jail at Lincoln Crown Court.

Julie Wood attacked Richard Chamberlain after he assaulted her, the court was told. Wood then went to the home of a neighbour to seek help.

Victoria Rose, prosecuting, said: “Miss Wood went to her neighbour’s address; she was extremely distressed and in her dressing gown.

“She said she had stabbed her partner after he assaulted her. She was very drunk and holding a bottle of vodka.

“Her mouth was bleeding and she complained of pain to her side. Her neighbour called the police.

“Miss Wood went on to say that she had stabbed him because she was fed up with him assaulting her.

“The police went to Mr Chamberlain’s address. He claimed he had to defend himself after she went for him with a knife. The investigation revealed that it was a volatile relationship.”

Miss Rose said that Mr Chamberlain suffered a minor injury which she described as a scratch. He did not give a statement to police about the incident.

Wood, 49, of Waring Street, Horncastle, admitted a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm as a result of the incident on August 28, 2020.

She was given a 12-month community order with up to 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

David Eager, in mitigation, said that Wood had no previous convictions and urged that she should not be sent to prison.

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