Market Deeping

A 31-year-old man from Market Deeping showed no remorse as he was jailed for four years for sexual offences against a child.

Jamie Maschinsky, of Black Prince Avenue, was arrested in September 2019 before being interviewed and charged with four offences of sexual assault against a girl under 13.

He pleaded not guilty but, following his trial that commenced on November 23, he was found guilty of two counts of sexual assault of a girl aged under 13.

Judge Hirst said there was no telling how seriously the victim had been affected by Maschinsky’s actions and that she may not realise the impact on her due to her age.

Detective Constable Stuart Beeson, from the Protecting Vulnerable Persons Unit at Lincolnshire Police, said: “During the investigation and trial Maschinsky has not shown any remorse at all.

“What’s important though is that he has been found guilty of these offences and faces a prison term.

“When he is released his name will go on the Sex Offenders Register and he will be subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order indefinitely.

“Having to give evidence to the police in a video interview and then at Crown Court is a daunting experience for anyone but the young victim presented herself in a manner that is a credit to her, her parents and those supporting her.

“She has been supported by her family but also her teachers, a dedicated Children’s Independent Sexual Violence Adviser along with the police.

“I want to pass on my thanks for her bravery in coming forward. As a result, we have been able to take a very dangerous individual off the streets.”

Around 50 key workers from across the UK, including in Lincolnshire, sang in a special song to give hope to people during the coronavirus crisis.

Edward Young, 22, lives in Glinton on the border near Market Deeping and Stamford. He wanted to spread positivity to people having a tough time during the coronavirus pandemic, so he wrote ‘Hold On (For Another Day)’.

The song, released under the name ‘Hope Nation’ this month, is to thank the key workers and raise money for the NHS, with over £800 so far being raised – click here to make a donation. The video has already been viewed by 40,000 people.

The song was written by 22-year-old Edward Young.

In addition to just under 50 key workers singing, there were around another 30-40 in the video from all over the world holding up signs that say #HoldOn in their own languages.

The key workers include Alice Kat, who is a healthcare worker in Lincolnshire.

The key workers include Alice Kat (left), who is a healthcare worker in Lincolnshire.

Edward told Lincolnshire Reporter he wants the video to “bring people together and thank our amazing key workers”.

He said: “At the start of lockdown, it was a very delicate time, and I really felt that I could help bring some hope and positivity to people who need it right now.

“A lot of people are really being affected by the current situation, whether they’re stuck away from loved ones, quarantined somewhere they don’t feel safe or struggling with their mental health or financial situation.

“So, the lyrics were written to say that no matter how alone you feel, we’re all in this together and your voice is heard.

“The reaction so far has been wonderful. So many people have already told us how it’s made them really emotional and helped us to share this message of hope across the globe. It’s got a very special feeling of togetherness in the face of adversity.”

The lyrics

Here I am staring at the phone
Isolated but not alone
The clock is ticking but the world is still
Turn on the TV and I’m greeted with a chill

The nights feel empty and the days are cold
I know, I know
It won’t be easy but we’ll make it out
I know, I know

Hold on another day
We feel your touch from miles away
We will be free
And there will be
A light, wait and see
Hold on for another day

From your rooftops and across the sea
From the window I feel you reaching for me
We’re together staring down the fear
We’re united as borders disappear

Another sun will shine on us
I know, I know

Hold on another day
We feel your touch from miles away
We will be free
And there will be
A light, wait and see
Hold on for another day

A song of hope floods the empty streets
In a language we all can speak
We’ll find comfort, find some peace
As one
So, hear us when we say

Hold on another day
We feel your touch from miles away
Hold on for another day
(Hear us when we pray)
Hold on for what we have
The ship has sailed to a promised land
The ride could get rough
Times will be tough
But that will never be enough
Hold on
Hold on
Hold on
Hold on

A collision on the A15 near Market Deeping has left a woman seriously injured.

Lincolnshire Police confirmed the woman was airlifted to hospital, but her situation is not understood to be life threatening.

The incident, which involved just one vehicle, was reported at 1.35pm on Friday, April 24 near Kates Bridge, Thetford.

The road will be closed for much of the afternoon.

The road has been partially closed and police are warning drivers that it is expected to be closed for the remainder of the afternoon.

The areas closed will be the A15 King Street and the A151/A15 towards Bourne.

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