A man last seen in Pinchbeck is missing for a third day and police want to ensure he is safe and well.

Matthew Hunt, 47, was last spotted in Brownlow Crescent at 8.30am on Wednesday, April 28 and hasn’t been seen since.

Matthew is described as five foot, nine inches tall, slim, with short brown hair and a tattoo on one side of his neck.

Anyone with information regarding Matthew’s whereabouts should contact Lincolnshire Police on 101 quoting incident number 120 of April 29.

A South Holland man described as having an “horrendous” criminal record plans to leave the district when he has completed his latest jail sentence, Lincoln Crown Court was told on Monday.

Matthew Bellerson’s most recent offences occurred in October last year when he brandished a knife and chased two men from his bungalow home in Pinchbeck threatening to kill them.

Neighbours who witnessed the incident were put in fear by what they saw and contacted police who arrived to find Bellerson at his home.

Bellerson became aggressive when he was arrested and when he was placed inside a police vehicle he spat resulting in officers putting him in a spit-hood.

Tony Stanford, prosecuting, told the court “This defendant has an horrendous criminal record. He has 34 previous convictions for a total of 85 offences. His offending started in 1991 and has continued fairly consistently up until recent times.”

Bellerson, 46, of The Chase, Pinchbeck, admitted offences of affray, possession of a knife in a public place and criminal damage as a result of the incident on October 25, 2020.

He also admitted breach of a suspended jail sentence imposed at the Crown Court a month earlier for possession of an imitation firearm in Market Place, Spalding, and asked for two unconnected offences of breach of the peace to be taken into consideration.

During the Spalding incident he was in a wheelchair in Market Place when he reached into his jacket and pulled out an item which he pointed at a 60-year-old woman before reportedly shouting “bang, bang”, according to Spalding Voice.

Neil Sands, in mitigation, said that Bellerson stayed out of trouble for 10 years until 2018, but went off the rails again after his relationship broke down.

“He had a number of years when he was in employment and was a normal family man. What went wrong is that the relationship which provided him with stability ended. He took a very significant backwards step and started becoming involved in drugs.”

Mr Sands said the incident in October occurred as a result of Bellerson believing the two men had stolen his phone.

“His clear instructions to me are that when he is released he wants to put Lincolnshire behind him.

“He knows there has to be a new start and that has to be away from Lincolnshire. He wants to take himself away from what for him is very considerable emotional pain.”

Bellerson was jailed for a total of 53 weeks. Lincolnshire Police said they do not have a custody photo of him.

Allan Ross, the Horncastle Town manager who was subject to alleged racial abuse at a match last year, has said police did not tell him that the suspect had been charged.

A 65-year-old man, Peter Chapman of Chapel Lane, Spalding, was charged by police on Thursday after an alleged hate crime aimed at Allan Ross during a game between Pinchbeck United and Lutterworth Town on October 31.

During the game, Chapman is believed to have said to Pinchbeck chairman Gary Coomes: “I see you’ve let a wog in the stadium”, referring to the Horncastle manager, who was there as a spectator.

Chapman has since been permanently banned from all Pinchbeck games and will face an appearance at Boston Magistrates Court on March 16.

The Lincolnite were the ones who broke the news to Allan of Chapman’s charge, and he told us he was “in complete shock” at not being informed.

Horncastle Town FC manager Allan Ross claims he was subjected to racial abuse when he attended a match between Pinchbeck United and Lutterworth Town.

He said: “It comes as news to me, there has been very little communication between myself and Lincolnshire Police since my statement was taken.

“I am shocked to hear about this from a news outlet rather than the police, but also not really surprised given the poor communication I’ve had since the incident.”

Speaking about the incident from October, Allan also said: “I’ve turned the page onto a new chapter in my life.

“There will always be hatred and racism in the world, I had previously acknowledged instances, but at that time I had just had enough.

“I felt a responsibility to come forward, because nothing will ever get resolved if nobody speaks about these issues.

“A lot of the anti-racism campaigns are targeted at professional football, but the most education is needed at grassroots level.”

Allan Ross has called for more focus on education against racism at a grassroots level of football. | Photo: Horncastle Town FC

Allan Ross continued: “It’s in the hands of the court now, hopefully this man is charged and will take ownership of his actions.

“I am so proud and happy with the messages of support from the public, it has given me the confidence I needed to feel as though I did the right thing by speaking up.

“It is refreshing to know that not everyone sees you as a threat due to the colour of your skin.”

Pinchbeck United were charged by the Lincolnshire FA for failing to control spectators, and were issued a £50 fine as well as a warning about future conduct.

Allan empathised with the club, saying: “It’s incredibly difficult for football clubs at this level to prevent things like this.

“There are no police or stewards in the grounds of non-league football, but this is down to the actions of an individual and not a football club.”

The Lincolnite has contacted Lincolnshire Police about the situation, but are yet to receive a reply.

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