August 8, 2022 10.04 am

Please note the road reconstruction works taking place in West Pinchbeck have been extended by a week due to unforeseen issues upon excavating the road.

The works are now expected to be complete at the end of w/c 15th August (subject to weather and other unexpected circumstances).

It was previously reported that as part of the project a full 24/7 road closure of Dozens Bank is in place from Crown Hall Farm to Lake Ross Caravan Park.

The diversion route for the closure will be via A151 to Bourne / A15 to Market Deeping roundabout / A1175 to A1175-A16 Applegreen roundabout / A16 to A16-A151 roundabout / A151 to West Pinchbeck, and vice versa. A local diversion will also be in place for Clay Drove.

Karen Cassar, assistant director for highways, said: “Although the team is continuing to work hard to have the works complete as soon as possible, a number of unexpected issues on-site mean that works will now be complete at the end of w/c 15th August.

“The issues we’ve encountered include weaker ground than expected in some areas, which has meant deeper excavations and more stone and other materials that need to be laid before can we lay tarmac.

“The underground steel mesh is also closer to the road surface than expected in some areas which has meant we’ve had to manually remove the road surface instead of planing it out.

“Despite the ground surveys and other pre-works we carry, these sorts of issues often don’t rear their head until we’re on-site working – but please rest assured that we’re doing everything we can to finish our improvements at Dozens Bank as efficiently as possible.”

A horse walked into a bar… and some would be foal-ish to think this is just a joke, but it actually happened in a village near Spalding in Lincolnshire.

Emily Chappell took over The Bull Inn in Pinchbeck earlier this year before celebrating its grand reopening in June.

A very special customer trotted in at the weekend, giving everyone a day to remember, including the landlady who sat on the horse.

The pub posted on social media saying: “The only pub to have a horse visit inside the bar and the landlady, Emily has to sit on the beaut of a horse.”

The owner also praised the nearly 200 travellers who visited her pub on Saturday, July 30.

By Local Democracy Reporter

A couple have unexpectedly been given permission to build a cutting-edge zero carbon home near Pinchbeck.

The self-build home was described by councillors as a “terrific house” as they went against recommendations to refuse planning permission.

It will be one of the most environmentally-friendly in Lincolnshire.

The designs include solar panels to power the home and electric vehicles, meaning energy consumption will be virtually zero.

The location off Glenside North attracted criticism from planners, being a mile and a half outside of the nearest village.

However, South Holland councillors ended up backing the innovative project at the committee meeting on Wednesday.

Councillor Christine Lawton said: “I’m in favour of self-build houses, which is something South Holland is trying to encourage. Personally it looks like a warehouse to me, but design is subjective.”

Planning officers raised concerns about the location, but councillors gave approval | Photo: Studio 11 Architecture

It was felt that the ‘exceptional’ design meant permission could be granted outside of the local development boundary.

Councillor Brewis agreed, saying: “We should be ashamed of the houses we’ve built in this country over the last 40 years – our building regulations were some of the worst in the world and are only just catching up.

“Ground-breaking designs like this will help make exceptional buildings cheaper in future.”

The committee was told that the building would be one of the leading zero carbon homes in Lincolnshire.

Councillor Simon Walsh added: “Somebody has to be a pioneer and move the agenda forward – why not us?”

There were concerns about the location, with Councillor Grocock saying he had reservations about approving it in open countryside despite it being a “terrific house”.

There was also a warning from Councillor Coupland that “This will set a precedent and create problems in the future.”

It had been commissioned by a local couple as a “forever home” which took climate change into account.

It will also include a kitchen garden, a 900 litre compost bin and a ground source heat pump.

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