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As people prepare to go out more in the run up to Christmas, a Lincoln woman who created the globally renowned Ask For Angela not-for-profit scheme is proud to have made the county, and the world, a safer place.

The scheme, launched by Hayley Crawford (pictured above) in 2016, aims to ensure that anyone who is feeling vulnerable or unsafe is able to get the support they need. This could be on a night out, a date, meeting friends and other situations, and it is available to everyone of all genders to help them feel safer.

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A tidal wave of discontent is brewing along the UK’s coastal areas, and the Conservatives are at risk of being swept away in future elections if they don’t address the rising tide of issues plaguing these regions.

A stark warning has been issued by the thinktank Onward, who called for £500 million of extra funding, however, councillors say it will barely scratch the surface of the deep-seated problems these areas face. In their revealing report, “Troubled Waters“, Onward sheds light on the myriad of challenges that coastal areas are grappling with, including stark income disparities, ageing and substandard housing, and elevated crime rates.

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Councillor Neil Murray may have held on to the Carholme ward seat for Labour in this week’s by-election, but his win wasn’t the only talking point, as the Liberal Democrats saw their advance in Lincoln continue.

The party had some success in recent elections, winning over Labour in the Abbey ward and taking a further seat in Glebe — for a total of three seats on Lincolnshire County Council and four on the City of Lincoln Council. Even in West Lindsey, with a Conservative MP for over 36 years, they managed to take over the leadership of the district council in May this year. In Thursday night’s results that surge continued in Lincoln. The party’s James Brown took a 36% share of the votes, a massive spike from the 3.94% the party managed to scrape by in 2021.

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