The pandemic turned the world upside down, leaving parents and kids navigating a maze of new challenges, from remote learning to emotional upheaval. We tapped into the insights of experts to explore the long-term impact on children, including the “pandemic babies.”

While the crisis had its silver linings—like more family time—it also exposed vulnerabilities, from toddlers picking up on parental stress to teens missing crucial social milestones.

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The NHS COVID-19 app has shut down, with users being thanked for ‘saving lives’ during the pandemic.

The application was introduced in September 2020 as a place to log your Covid test results, vaccination status, and check the latest guidelines on travel and regulations.

It was also used to notify users when they have come into contact with someone who tested positive for coronavirus, and keep track of how long you needed to stay in isolation following a positive result.

A push notification was sent out to devices that still have the application downloaded, saying you can now delete the app as it will be closing down.

When you enter the app, a message reads: “The NHS COVID-19 app has closed down.

“Please continue to follow the latest guidance to protect yourself and others. This includes reporting NHS lateral flow test results on GOV.UK.

“If you’re eligible for COVID-19 treatment you must report your result so the NHS can contact you about treatment.

“Thank you for using the app – you’ve helped to keep your community healthy and save lives.”

The shutting down of the app signifies a milestone moment in the battle against the pandemic, which cost the United Kingdom more than 200,000 lives since the public health emergency was declared in 2020.

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More than 300,000 people in Lincolnshire were given an autumn booster vaccination for COVID-19 over the winter period.

The programme ended on Sunday, February 12, and health bosses are now waiting to hear from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation about details of any planned Spring booster campaign.

A spokesperson for NHS Lincolnshire Integrated Care Board said the take-up  in Lincolnshire had been “tremendous”.

“This level of uptake compares very favourably with the rest of the Midlands region and further afield, and we are very grateful for the support of people across the county, whose willingness to come forwards for their vaccinations means they have topped up their protection against being seriously ill as a result of covid-19,” they said.

Although the main push has ended, vaccination teams are still offering primary (1st and 2nd) doses, as well as vaccinations for 5-17 year-olds.

They can be received at the vaccination centre at the Weighing Rooms, Carholme Road, Lincoln, and also via a series of pop-up vaccination sessions across the county.

The government’s COVID dashboard, which hasn’t been updated since February 9, shows that nearly 270,000 people over 50s got their vaccine this time round. Around 73.7 of the population.

In general now, 1,701,713 vaccinations have been given.

Of that more than 497,502 people have had their third booster – 68.7% of eligible pop – down nearly 20% on the figures who have had their first doses.

The dashboard shows that there have been 254 cases in the seven days prior to last Thursday, 23 up on the week prior.

Of the 257,402 total cases Lincolnshire has had, 239,590 were classed as first episodes and 17,812 were reinfections.

The majority of cases continue to be in those aged 90+ who have a rate of 160.6 per 100,000 people, followed by the next two age brackets of 85-89 and 80-84-year-olds.

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