Second public inquiry set for Lincoln Eastern Bypass

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The Department for Transport will hold another public inquiry before deciding whether to grant legal orders needed for the Lincoln Eastern Bypass.

The inquiry, which is due to take place in spring 2015, will consider the cases for and against the Compulsory Purchase and Side Roads Orders that are needed for the project to proceed.

Planning permission was granted for the £100 million scheme in June 2013.

In July, the DfT rejected Lincolnshire County Council’s plans following a public inquiry because of safety concerns relating to a small junction connecting Hawthorn Road to a footbridge spanning the bypass.

As a result, the cycle and foot bridge has now been re-located, and the new design has been approved following consultation with the affected parish councils.

The section of Hawthorn Road which will be affected by the Eastern Bypass.

The section of Hawthorn Road which will be affected by the Eastern Bypass.

Throughout the planning process, residents have campaigned against the planned closure of Hawthorn Road.

There are also still hopes for the dualling of the bypass, should funding be acquired from DfT.

Councillor Richard Davies, Executive Member for Highways and Transport, said: “We’ve worked hard to address the issues raised at the last inquiry, and hope the changes we’ve made will dispel the Inspector’s concerns.

“We’ve certainly seen significant support for the current scheme over the last few months, and there is clearly recognition of the many benefits the road will bring to the county.

“Although the Secretary of State has guaranteed funding for a single carriageway, we know from past experience that this will not necessarily bind a future government.

“Any alternative scheme would require a new planning application for the whole scheme and a lot of additional work. That would mean a significant delay, putting the funding at risk.

“We also have to be realistic about our chances of getting the considerable extra funding that would be needed for a dual carriageway, particularly in this financial climate.

“So it’s important we proceed with our current plans so we can be confident the scheme will be delivered in good time and the £50m secured.

“That way we can be sure that residents and businesses won’t miss out on all the positives of the new road.”