Lincoln City FC Dambusters mosaic grounded

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Plans for a giant Dambusters mosaic at Lincoln City FC have been shelved after the club was unable to attract the necessary funds for the project.

A unique crowdfunding campaign aimed to raise at least £150,000 to go towards solving the club’s financial problems after the Co-Operative Bank called in the debt it is owed and asked the club to find new bankers.

However, at the end of the fundraising drive, the club had received £53,960 in pledges, putting it nearly £100,000 shy of its target.

The mosaic would have featured an image of a Lancaster bomber created by Lincolnshire aviation artist Simon Atack and a silhouette of Lincoln Cathedral alongside the RAF logo and Dambusters name.

The campaign also received the backing of former England and Imps manager Graham Taylor, who recorded a video message urging fans to donate.

Lincoln City FC’s Commercial Manager Russell Moore said: “A heartfelt thank you from everyone at Lincoln City Football Club for your support in trying to bring this project to fruition.

“A tremendous effort has been made and we are truly grateful for your support for our wonderful football club.

“The reasons behind us launching this project have not gone away, unfortunately they are a grim reality, and no doubt we will be summoned by the Co-op Bank any day soon to ask how we are going to raise the money to pay them back. Let’s hope they really are the ethical business they claim to be.”

In total, the Imps need to raise at least £380,000 in funds to pay back the bank.