Is Hooters coming to Lincoln?

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A mysterious Facebook page announcing a Hooters bar will be opening in Lincoln has sparked excitement and scepticism among residents.

Read the latest: Administrators behind the Facebook page admitted the announcement was a hoax, much to the anger of many Lincoln residents.

The franchised brand which famously, and controversially, features waitresses in short shorts and plunging shirts, has over 430 locations in 28 countries.

So far however there is only one site in the UK which is based in Nottingham.

The Facebook page Hooters of Lincoln was launched on Monday, September 5, claiming the UK’s second bar would open in the city.

Administrators said in a status: “To all the nay-sayers – messaging other restaurants and digging for information isn’t going to reveal any of our exciting opening plans.

“The brand has made huge expansion across America and very little across the UK.

“We are a young enthusiastic pair of entrepreneurs who have worked for years to get the funds and permissions to open our own Hooters restaurant in the UK.

“Many have tried, many have failed. However, we are coming to Lincoln and we are here to stay. So just sit back and enjoy the ride.”

However local residents were wary of the news, some suggesting it could be a hoax.

One resident said: “I’m so happy me and hubby went to the one in Nottingham and I loved it! Such good food!”

But Darren Williams said: “I’m calling Bull***t on this. No news anywhere about it, no applications online anywhere for it… Probably just after some girls sending them photos of their “Hooters”

Page owners responded to The Lincolnite only to say that further information would be released in the near future and no other comments were available.

Since the start of the year, Lincoln has seen many changes to the city centre including Whetherspoons and Status nightclub on Silver Street closing doors as well as BHS leaving the High Street.

Some are suggesting one of these could result in being turned into the new Hooters bar and restaurant.

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