Campaigners bolster objections to proposed Lincoln waste site

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Almost 500 petition signatures and 300 comments and objections have been lodged in response to plans for a new waste site off Long Leys Road in Lincoln.

The proposal by applicants Veolia would see their current building demolished and replaced with a new waste transfer site, which would be open for 24 hours a day, seven days a week and see up to 60 lorries visiting the site daily.

As previously reported, local residents have hit out against the plans, claiming fears of an increase in vermin, traffic and health risks. In addition to formal comments on the application, an online petition was set up for people to further voice their objections.

A public meeting has been organised for residents and is being supported by a number of local councillors at 6.30pm on Monday, November 28, at St Faiths Infants School on West Parade.

Attendees will be able to find out more about the facility and the planning application.

Organisers say Veolia have been invited, but have said they will not be sending a representative.

So far, over 300 comments and objections have been submitted to the application on the county council website.

However local residents are continuing to campaign against the plans ahead of a council scrutiny committee meeting on Monday, January 16.

Lincoln resident John Shipton said in a notice about the meeting: “Veolia’s planning application has to be rejected on sound planning grounds. It is therefore essential we work together as a community with Lincolnshire County Council planning department to identify and highlight the relevant planning issues.

Neil McBride, Planning Manager for Lincolnshire County Council, said previously: “We did write directly to 21 neighbouring properties to make them aware of the application.

“To ensure others in the local community were also aware of the application, we met our statutory duty to place site notices in the area and a notice in the local paper, while word of mouth and other local lines of communication also helped spread the word.

“Given that this publicity has generated more than 100 comments, clearly this approach has raised awareness of the application.”

‘Unlikely to have an impact’

Veolia said in the application: “The purpose of the proposed facility is to provide a ‘drop-off’ point for waste materials, collected from commercial operators in and around the area of Lincolnshire, where they can be tipped, stored or processed for a short period of time before they are sent on for recycling and recovery as opposed to being sent to landfill.

“Therefore the proposed facility will significantly contribute to Lincolnshire’s capacity to manage commercial waste materials higher up the waste hierarchy as a result.”

The conclusion in the planning application supporting statement reads: “The proposed new waste management and processing facility on the application site is unlikely to have a significant impact on the surrounding environment, amenity and character of the application site surroundings. Therefore the planning application proposal is considered appropriate for approval.”