Why street lights in Lincoln are turning off early

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Communities in Lincoln and the surrounding villages have been plunged into unusually early darkness this week – an issue, it turns out, that’s been caused by the changing of the clocks.

Residents in Lincoln, Sturton by Stow and Saxilby contacted The Lincolnite with concerns that street lights in their areas had been switched off from as early as 10.30pm since the clocks went back on on Sunday, October 30.

Lincolnshire County Council has been reverting thousands of street lights to a ‘part-night’ lighting system to save £1.7 million.

After plans to begin blackouts in selected areas from 10pm were met with fierce opposition from residents, the council agreed to keep streets lit until midnight.

It seems the transition from British Summer Time to Greenwich Meantime has messed with lights’ sensors, however the council has said they will adjust in time.

A highways spokesperson for Lincolnshire County Council said: “This is due to the clocks going back.

“The street lights have sensors that monitor the number of daylight hours, which is how they set their internal clock.

“During the autumn, the part-night lights enter a period of adjustment, when their timings may vary as they adapt to the switch to GMT.”

The council is in the process of rolling out the street light changes, which also includes switches to energy-efficient LED bulbs, in the south of the county.